Part I. Getting Started with Facebook

Getting Started with Facebook

In this part . . .

So, we've persuaded you to read beyond the Introduction. Go team! (You can't see it, but we're high-fiving right now.) Because you started at the beginning, we assume that you have some pretty basic questions, such as

  • What is Facebook?

  • Am I too old for Facebook?

  • How do I use Facebook effectively?

  • I know I want to use Facebook, but how do I get started?

These are all great questions for starting a journey into the 'book. In this part, we answer all these and more. We start with the bigger picture of who's using Facebook and how, and then we move into the nitty-gritty of signing up, creating your Profile, and finding a few friends.

Additionally, we show you how to navigate around the site and protect your information.

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