Chapter 6

Privacy and Safety on Facebook


check Understanding who can see what on Facebook

check Changing your privacy

check Navigating and using Facebook’s many privacy features

When people talk about privacy online — and on Facebook in particular — I like to remind them that there’s a spectrum of privacy concerns. On one end of the spectrum are true horror stories of predators approaching minors, identity thefts, and the like. Hopefully (and most likely), you will never deal with these issues, although I do touch on them at the end of this chapter. On the other end of the spectrum are issues I usually categorize as “awkward social situations” — for example, posting a photo of your perfect beach day that your coworkers can see on a day when you called in “sick” (not that you would ever do something like that). You’ll probably deal with issues at the awkward end of the spectrum most often. Somewhere in between are questions about encountering hate speech, strangers seeing your stuff, and security issues like spamming and phishing. All these privacy-related topics are legitimate, and all are ones you can learn how to deal with and control.

Regardless of where on the spectrum your question ...

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