Chapter 19

Ten Tips for Parents of Teens on Facebook


check Talking to them about Internet safety

check Teaching them how to report abuse and block people

check Learning to use Privacy settings

It’s hard to put the word teenager together with the phrase social media and not get just the teensiest bit anxious. A lot of horror stories are out there about cyberbullying and online predators. Any parent is likely to be a bit worried.

However, it’s unreasonable to think you can keep your teen away from Facebook, much less the Internet. That’s where their friends are and that’s where they want to be. So here are some tips I hope will be useful in navigating the waters of Facebook and the Internet at large.

I should acknowledge here that I’m neither a parent of a teen nor a teenager, so I don’t pretend to know everything about what’s going on in your family or in your teen’s life. Think of these tips as a useful jumping-off place for figuring out how to keep your teen safe online.

Talk to Teens about General Internet Safety

Here are some general Internet safety tips that apply no matter what kind of website you’re using:

  • Don’t share any personal identifying info (address, phone number, ...

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