Chapter 1: Posting to Your Page

In This Chapter

check.png Exploring the best practices for your posts

check.png Becoming a pro at attachments

check.png Targeting your updates

The most critical aspect of your Facebook presence is your posts. What you put on your Wall is the showcase of your business. After a Facebook user likes you, he most likely won’t go to your Page very often; typically, a user sees you only as an update in his News Feed. So you have to be interesting, engaging, responsive, useful, and fun. No pressure, right?

You want your posts to establish you as an authority and expert in your field, and this chapter tells you what types of material you can use to accomplish that goal.

Never forget, however, that Facebook is a place where people come to be social. It’s like a big cocktail party where people are having fun talking, so don’t be a wet blanket and talk only about the big sale you’re having. You don’t want to be that irritating sales guy at the networking event whom everyone avoids — or, worse, “un-likes”!

Helpful tips, useful information, links, and photos can go a long way toward making your Page engaging and popular. To that end, in this chapter, you find out how to post text updates, photos, ...

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