Chapter 2: Using iFrame Apps to Create Custom Tabs

In This Chapter

check.png Reviewing custom tabs

check.png Defining iFrames

check.png Touring the Facebook Developers site

check.png Creating your own iFrame application

check.png Letting someone build your iFrame application

check.png Using third-party applications to create your custom tab

Do you have a vision for a special tab on your Facebook Page and haven’t been able to find an app that did exactly what you wanted? Maybe you want a certain function or a layout that you haven’t been able to find? That’s when it’s time to create your own custom tab! Luckily, plenty of options are available to help you create exactly what you need.

You can also have a “fan-gated” tab on your Page, which means that people must become fans before they can see the content. This tab is also known as a reveal tab where the initial graphic tells people that they must click Like before they can see what’s below ...

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