Facebook Marketing All-in-One For Dummies, 3rd Edition

Book description

Reach your customers with the latest Facebook marketing strategies

Facebook Marketing All-in-One For Dummies, 3rd Edition is a detailed resource for businesses, brands, and people who are interested in promoting themselves, their goods, and their services on Facebook. Fully updated to cover new Facebook features, this new Third Edition includes guidance on Graph Search, the updated News Feed design, cover photo rules, advertising changes, updated mobile apps, and more. Examples and case studies illustrate best practices, and the book provides step-by-step guidance on creating a successful Facebook marketing campaign, from setting up a fan page to analyzing results.

Facebook is considered the most fully-engaged social media platform for most marketers. With more than a billion users who comment over 3.2 billion times per day, Facebook provides a ready and willing customer base to businesses savvy enough to take advantage. Facebook Marketing All-in-One For Dummies, 3rd Edition walks you through the creation of a customized fan page, and guides you through interacting with fans and building a community around your brand. The book explains Facebook applications and Facebook advertising, and shows you how to make Facebook come alive.

  • Learn how to claim your presence on Facebook

  • Build pages to engage, retain, and sell to customers

  • Discover advanced Facebook marketing tactics

  • Find out why measuring, monitoring, and analyzing are important

  • Create and curate engaging content, including photos, video, contests, and more, and watch your fan base grow. Social media marketing is a major force in the success of a business, and Facebook is at the forefront of it all. Facebook Marketing All-in-One For Dummies, 3rd Edition provides the guidance and information you need to get in there and claim your space.

    Table of contents

      1. Introduction
        1. About This Book
        2. Foolish Assumptions
        3. Icons Used in This Book
        4. How This Book is Organized
          1. Book I: Joining the Facebook Marketing Revolution
          2. Book II: Claiming Your Presence on Facebook
          3. Book III: Adding the Basics to Your Facebook Page
          4. Book IV: Building, Engaging, Retaining, and Selling to Your Community
          5. Book V: Understanding Facebook Applications
          6. Book VI: Making Facebook Come Alive with Events and Contests
          7. Book VII: Facebook Advertising
          8. Book VIII: Advanced Facebook Marketing Tactics
          9. Book IX: Measuring, Monitoring, and Analyzing
        5. Beyond the Book
        6. Where to Go from Here
      2. Book I: Joining the Facebook Marketing Revolution
        1. Chapter 1: Exploring Facebook Marketing
          1. Seeing the Business Potential of Facebook
            1. Asking yourself what you’re after
            2. Using Facebook to your advantage
            3. Reaping the benefits for business-to-consumer companies
            4. Reaping the benefits for business-to-business companies
            5. Developing genuine relationships with customers and prospects
            6. Creating one-to-one customer engagement
            7. Providing prompt customer service
            8. Creating a shopping portal
          2. Using Facebook with the Global Market
          3. Understanding Facebook Marketing Basics
            1. Marketing on your Page and your Profile
            2. Developing your Page to be a hub of activity
            3. Understanding privacy options
            4. Keeping things professional but personal
        2. Chapter 2: Creating Your Facebook Marketing Plan
          1. Defining Your Ideal Audience on Facebook
            1. Identifying the demographics of your ideal audience
            2. Understanding the psychographics of your ideal audience
          2. Finding Your Ideal Audience inside Facebook
            1. Filtering Facebook Search results
            2. Using Facebook Ads to research your ideal audience
          3. Identifying Your Facebook Marketing Plan’s Core Goals
            1. Defining your Facebook marketing goals
            2. Deciding on a social media budget
            3. Deciding whether a Facebook Ads campaign is right for you
          4. Rules for Successful Facebook Pages
            1. Rule #1: Be deliberate, and manage expectations
            2. Rule #2: Focus on smart branding
            3. Rule #3: Create fresh content
            4. Rule #4: Give your Page a human touch
            5. Rule #5: Cultivate engagement with two-way dialog
            6. Rule #6: Encourage fan-to-fan conversations
            7. Rule #7: Make word-of-mouth advocacy easy
            8. Rule #8: Create consistent calls to action
            9. Rule #9: Monitor, measure, and track
            10. Summing up the nine rules
          5. Setting Up Resources and Manpower for Your Plan
            1. Identifying your existing resources and manpower
            2. Deciding on in-house or outsourced marketing
          6. Defining Your Admin Team
            1. Filling the five admin roles
            2. Adding an admin
            3. Deleting an admin
            4. Choosing the right Page manager
            5. Considering a social media manager
            6. Coordinating admin posts and strategies
          7. Measuring Your Return on Investment
            1. Defining success
            2. Measuring brand ROI
            3. Measuring financial ROI
      3. Book II: Claiming Your Presence on Facebook
        1. Chapter 1: Understanding Facebook Pages and Personal Accounts
          1. Reviewing Facebook Pages and Account Types
          2. Navigating Your Personal Profile Timeline and the Follow Button
            1. Creating a personal Profile
            2. Turning on the Follow button
            3. Talking about the Ticker
          3. Getting Down to Business
          4. Making a Places Page
          5. Creating a Facebook Group
          6. Setting Up an Interest Page
        2. Chapter 2: Creating Your Business Page
          1. Considering a Few Things before You Start
            1. Choosing the right name for your business Page
            2. Choosing the right type of business Page
          2. Setting Up Your New Business Page
            1. Creating a business Page
            2. Opening your page
            3. Unpublish your Page
          3. Completing, Publishing, and Promoting Your Page
            1. Getting your Facebook images right
            2. Completing the Info Page
            3. Adding Facebook-built apps
            4. Adding custom apps
            5. Posting status updates
            6. Publishing your Page
            7. Editing and adding milestones
            8. Inviting your Facebook Friends
            9. Inviting e-mail contacts
            10. Sharing your Page
            11. Promoting this Page on your website
            12. Setting up your mobile phone
          4. Claiming a Facebook Place
          5. Merging a Facebook Place with Your Page
          6. Managing Missteps
            1. Creating personal Profiles with a business name
            2. Sorting out or deleting a personal Profile set up as a business
            3. Changing your business Page type or name
        3. Chapter 3: Administering Your Facebook Business Page
          1. Viewing Facebook as Your Page
            1. Liking other Pages as your Page
            2. Changing voice preferences
            3. Touring the Admin panel
          2. Understanding How Other People See Your Page
            1. Cover photo
            2. Featured apps
            3. Profile image
            4. Friends (Mutual connections)
            5. About section
            6. The numbers
            7. The likes
            8. Message button
            9. Drop-down menus on Pages
          3. Editing Your Page
          4. Edit Settings
            1. Admin Roles
            2. Apps
            3. Audience Suggestions
            4. Featured
            5. Mobile
            6. Use Activity Log
            7. See Banned Users
            8. Build Audience
            9. See Insights
            10. Help
        4. Chapter 4: Arranging What Your Visitors See
          1. Finding Your Page
          2. Understanding How Apps Act as Navigation Links
          3. Adding Facebook Apps to Your Page
            1. Events app
            2. Photos app
            3. Notes app
            4. Video app
          4. Changing the Order of Apps on Your Page
          5. Using the Hover Card as an Ad
        5. Chapter 5: Using Your Personal Profile to Support Your Business
          1. Determining Whether the Follow Button Is Right for You
          2. Turning On Your Follow Button
          3. Editing the Follow Settings
          4. Seeing How to Post Publicly
          5. Marketing Basics with a Personal Profile
          6. Understanding Friend Followers and Public Followers
          7. Adding Public Life Events to Your Personal Profile
          8. Adjusting Your Timeline for Public Viewing
          9. Uploading a Cover Photo that Supports Your Business
      4. Book III: Adding the Basics to Your Facebook Page
        1. Chapter 1: Posting to Your Page
          1. Posting Updates to Your Timeline via the Publisher
            1. How long to make your post
            2. How often to post an update
            3. What types of material to include
          2. Including Attachments
            1. Updating status and posting links
            2. Attaching photos
            3. Attaching video
            4. Scheduling posts
            5. Adding events
            6. Adding milestones
          3. Using Facebook Offers
          4. Targeting Your Updates by Location and Language
            1. Boosting posts
            2. Pinning and highlighting posts
        2. Chapter 2: Facebook Apps 101
          1. Defining Apps and Understanding Facebook Installed Apps
          2. Adding an App to Your Page
          3. Rearranging the Positions of Your Apps
          4. Deleting an App from Your Page
          5. Customizing the App Title and App Photo
          6. Finding Apps in Your Page Dashboard
        3. Chapter 3: Importing Your Blog Posts into Your Facebook Page
          1. Getting the Address of Your RSS Feed
            1. On Internet Explorer
            2. On Firefox
            3. In HTML code
          2. Introducing the Facebook Blog-Import Applications
          3. Using the NetworkedBlogs Application
            1. Registering your blog on NetworkedBlogs
            2. Verifying ownership of your blog
            3. Setting up syndication
            4. Reposting a blog post with NetworkedBlogs
            5. Adding the NetworkedBlogs tab to your Facebook Page
          4. Installing Social RSS
            1. Using Social RSS
            2. Deciding when to upgrade to paid service
          5. Using RSS Graffiti
          6. Using the dlvr.it Tool
        4. Chapter 4: Connecting Your Page to Twitter
          1. To Connect or Not to Connect
          2. Connecting Facebook and Twitter
            1. Linking your Facebook Page to Twitter
            2. Seeing what happens to too-long tweets
          3. Using HootSuite to Update Facebook
          4. Using Other Posting Applications
            1. SocialOomph
            2. Buffer
            3. Sprout Social
          5. Adding a Twitter Tab to Your Facebook Page
        5. Chapter 5: The Fine Print: Legal and Other Considerations
          1. Digesting Legal Considerations
          2. Understanding U.S. Regulations on Testimonials and Reviews
          3. Meeting Content Compliance for Certain Industries
      5. Book IV: Building, Engaging, Retaining, and Selling to Your Community
        1. Chapter 1: Building Visibility for Your Page
          1. Inviting Your Existing Customers and Connections to Your Page
            1. Changing your hold message
            2. Adding your Page address to your e-mail signature
            3. Including your new Facebook address on hard copy mailings
            4. Updating your letterhead and stationery
            5. Including a Facebook icon on your web page
            6. Linking to your Page from your Profile
            7. Inviting your other social networks to visit your Page
            8. Growing your Page manually or automatic fans
          2. Sharing Your Page with Your Friends on Facebook
            1. Inviting Facebook Friends to your Page
            2. Sharing your Page
            3. Sending requests to promote your Page
            4. Finding and thanking your key enthusiasts
          3. Adding Photos to Attract People to Your Page
            1. Creating a marketing strategy with your Cover photo
            2. Creating a marketing strategy with photo albums
            3. Uploading photos to your Facebook Page
            4. Sharing your albums and photos
            5. Sharing with people other than your personal Friends on Facebook
        2. Chapter 2: Engaging and Retaining Your Community
          1. Creating Posts and Updates That Engage Your Readers
            1. Asking questions
            2. Giving away something
            3. Promoting your fans and enthusiasts
            4. Tagging key players in updates
            5. Using public posts to thank people
            6. Creating a posting schedule
            7. Targeting your posts to be seen
            8. Understanding the News Feed Algorithm
            9. Using News Feed optimization strategies
          2. Creating and Participating in Conversations with Your Audience
            1. Optimize the settings for posts to your Timeline
            2. Understanding the different views people see on your Page
            3. Being responsive and allowing conversation
          3. Keeping the Conversation Civil
            1. Reporting a poster
            2. Remembering that users can block your posts too
        3. Chapter 3: Using Like Links and Buttons
          1. Comparing the Like Button and Like Link
          2. Answering Common Questions
          3. Placing the Like Button Code
          4. Generating the Code for a Like Button
        4. Chapter 4: Expanding Your E-Commerce Products and Services
          1. Understanding Facebook e-Commerce
          2. Using the Featured Apps Space for Your Store
            1. Posting product images
            2. Posting off-Facebook URLs
            3. Posting an offer
          3. Using PayPal to Accept Payment
          4. Finding e-Commerce Apps That Fit Your Needs
            1. Storenvy
            2. Ecwid
            3. ShopTab
            4. Etsy
          5. Installing a Facebook e-Commerce App
          6. Creating a Link to Your Website Store on Your Page
          7. Using Other Apps to Create a Custom Link for Your Storefront
            1. ShortStack
            2. TabSite
            3. Heyo
            4. BandPage
          8. Posting Facebook Offers
        5. Chapter 5: Building Visibility for Your Timeline
          1. Inviting People to Follow Instead of Friend
          2. Connecting Your Timeline to Your Offline World
          3. Creating a Cover Photo Strategy
          4. Making Photo Albums Public
            1. Making a new Public album
            2. Making an existing album Public
          5. Using Life Events to Support Your Business
          6. Adjusting and Adding Apps
            1. Moving apps
            2. Choosing apps
      6. Book V: Understanding Facebook Applications
        1. Chapter 1: Customizing Your Page with Facebook Apps
          1. Understanding How Facebook Users Make Use of Apps
          2. Introducing Apps Developed by Facebook
          3. Finding and Adding Apps to Your Page
          4. Deleting Apps from Your Page
          5. Using Apps for Marketing
            1. Contact forms and e-mail forms
            2. Discussion board apps
            3. Video apps
            4. Pinterest apps
            5. Google+
            6. Social RSS
            7. Other apps
            8. Facebook mobile app
        2. Chapter 2: Using iFrame Apps to Create Custom Tabs
          1. Looking at Tabs
          2. Defining iFrames
          3. Outlining the Options
            1. Building an iFrame application
            2. Hiring someone to build the application for you
            3. Using a third-party application
          4. Exploring the Facebook Developers Site
          5. Becoming a Verified Facebook Developer
            1. Verifying with a mobile phone number
            2. Verifying with a credit card
          6. Creating an iFrame Application
            1. Making the iFrame app
            2. Installing the iFrame application on your Facebook Page
          7. Using Third-Party Applications
            1. Heyo
            2. Static HTML for Pages
            3. ShortStack
            4. Static HTML: iFrame Tabs
            5. TabSite
            6. FanPageEngine
      7. Book VI: Making Facebook Come Alive with Events and Contests
        1. Chapter 1: Creating Facebook Events
          1. Getting Started with Facebook Events
          2. Showing Your Facebook Events in Different Places
            1. Adding the Events app to your Page
            2. Entering the event details
            3. Synching events with your personal calendar
            4. Editing your event
            5. Canceling your event
          3. Uncovering Limitations of Facebook Events
          4. Promoting an Event
            1. Inviting your community to your event
            2. Encouraging interaction within your Facebook Event
            3. Sharing your Facebook Event outside Facebook
        2. Chapter 2: Building Excitement with a Contest
          1. Thinking about Running a Contest?
          2. Deciding What You Want from a Contest
          3. Choosing a Contest Type
          4. Understanding Facebook and Legal Restrictions
          5. Defining Success
            1. Setting targets
            2. Setting your plan
        3. Chapter 3: Running a Timeline Contest
          1. Preparing for Your Timeline Contest
            1. Understanding the rules
            2. Assembling the parts
          2. Administering Your Timeline Contest
            1. Editing your post
            2. Sharing your contest
          3. Promoting Your Timeline Contest
          4. Selecting a Lucky Winner
            1. Exporting data with Contest Capture
            2. Using Woobox to pick a winner
        4. Chapter 4: Using Third-Party Contest Applications
          1. Finding a Contest Application
          2. Comparing Contest Applications on the Web
          3. Getting to Know the Contest Applications
            1. Exploring TabSite
            2. Looking at Heyo
            3. Investigating Woobox
            4. Understanding Offerpop
          4. Delivering the Prizes
          5. Budgeting for an App
          6. Designing Your Contest with the TabSite Application
            1. Signing up for TabSite
            2. Creating a sweepstakes with TabSite
          7. Using the Heyo Application for Your Sweepstakes
          8. Using the Woobox Sweepstakes Application
            1. Signing up for Woobox
            2. Adding a sweepstakes
            3. Customize your sweepstakes
            4. Choosing a payment plan
            5. Adding the sweepstakes to your Page
          9. Using the Offerpop Application
            1. Signing up for Offerpop
            2. Publishing a sweepstakes
          10. Adjusting the App’s Photo
            1. Editing the position of the app
            2. Editing the cover photo and title of an app
        5. Chapter 5: Promoting Your Contest and Analyzing the Results
          1. Setting Up a Blog Tour
          2. Promoting Your Contest on Your Blog or Website
          3. Using Facebook Open Graph to Allow Entries Anywhere on the Web
          4. Using Social Media to Promote Your Contest
            1. Twitter
            2. LinkedIn
            3. YouTube
          5. Using Facebook to Promote an External Contest
          6. Analyzing Your Contest Results
            1. Using analytics within third-party contest applications
            2. Monitoring community growth and tracking Facebook Insights
          7. Adjusting Your Strategy Based on Analytics
          8. Planning Future Contests
            1. Mapping out your contests for the year
            2. Watching for successful contest ideas
      8. Book VII: Facebook Advertising
        1. Chapter 1: Advertising in Facebook
          1. Introducing Facebook Advertising
            1. Understanding auction bidding
            2. Setting a flat fee to promote a post
            3. Paying a premium price
            4. Targeting your ads strategically
          2. Grasping the Anatomy of Facebook Ads
            1. Advertising by objective
            2. Promoting posts
            3. Advertising on Facebook versus other platforms
            4. Comparing CTR and conversion rates
          3. Defining Types of Ads
            1. Looking at Promoted posts in more detail
            2. Structuring ad campaigns strategically
            3. Knowing what you can’t advertise
          4. Identifying Your Goals
            1. Gaining connections
            2. Acquiring leads
            3. Reconnecting with your community
          5. Making Your Initial Decisions
            1. Allocating a budget
            2. Rotating your ad
            3. Setting a time frame
        2. Chapter 2: Creating a Facebook Ad
          1. Getting Started with the Ads Create Tool
          2. Identifying Your Internal or External Ad Objectives
            1. Building your internal market
            2. Building your outside market
          3. Making an Ad Work
            1. Selecting images
            2. Editing text and links
          4. Targeting Your Audience
            1. Locations
            2. Demographics
            3. Interests
            4. Behaviors
            5. More Categories
            6. Connections
          5. Setting Up Your Account and Campaign Page
            1. Filling Out the Account and Campaign section
            2. Completing the Bidding and Pricing section
          6. Crossing the Finish Line
            1. Placing your order
            2. Getting your ads approved
        3. Chapter 3: Exploring Power Editor
          1. Deciding Whether Power Editor Is for You
          2. Enabling Power Editor
          3. Navigating Power Editor
          4. Campaigning in Power Editor
            1. Creating and importing a campaign from Excel
            2. Creating ad sets in Power Editor
            3. Creating an ad in Power Editor
            4. Modifying existing campaigns, ad sets, or ads
            5. Editing Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads with Excel
            6. Managing multiple items with the Manage Ads drop-down
          5. Using Power Editor to Create and Promote Posts
            1. Creating a post in Power Editor
            2. Promoting a post from Power Editor
          6. Pinpointing Your Ideal Audience
            1. Reaching your ideal audience with Facebook and Partner Categories
            2. Reaching existing customers and prospects with Custom Audiences
          7. Optimizing Ad Bids in Power Editor
            1. Setting up manual bids
          8. Optimizing Ads for Ideal Placement
          9. Tracking Conversions
        4. Chapter 4: Testing, Measuring, and Modifying Your Ad
          1. Understanding the Ads Manager
            1. Notifications and Daily Spend
            2. Menus
            3. Categories
            4. Left sidebar
          2. Adding a User to Your Facebook Ads Account
          3. Changing Your Attack Plan
          4. Trying Out Split-Testing
            1. Split-testing your ad title and text
            2. Split-testing your ad images
            3. Split-testing your targeting
            4. Testing your landing page
          5. Viewing Facebook Reports
            1. Setting up your report
            2. Decoding column headings for General Metrics
            3. Customizing your report with Columns and Filters
            4. Adding filters
            5. Viewing Old Reports
      9. Book VIII: Advanced Facebook Marketing Tactics
        1. Chapter 1: An Introduction to Advanced Facebook Marketing
          1. Remembering the Nine Core Facebook Marketing Rules
          2. Creating a Facebook Experience
            1. Planning the experience
            2. Optimizing the experience
          3. Building Social Proof with Facebook Ads
          4. Experimenting with Custom Apps
          5. Targeting Your Audience with Custom Lists
            1. Creating your custom lists
            2. Adding custom lists to your Favorites
          6. Creating Interests Lists to Focus on the People Who Matter Most to Your Business
          7. Using Facebook Offers for Your Local or Online Business
            1. Creating and promoting a Facebook offer
          8. Expanding Your Page’s Exposure
          9. Engaging with Likes
          10. Getting Viral Exposure
            1. Reaching a new audience with hashtags
            2. Watching the future: Autoplay video ads in News Feeds
            3. Follow your prospects through third-party retargeting services
        2. Chapter 2: Marketing with Facebook Social Plug-ins
          1. Understanding Facebook’s Social Plug-ins
            1. Explaining how plug-ins work
            2. Maximizing the value of Facebook plug-ins
          2. Choosing the Right Facebook Plug-ins for Your Business
            1. Increasing site traffic with the Like Button plug-in
            2. Using a Like Box plug-in to grow your Facebook base
            3. Sharing selectively with the Share Button plug-in
            4. Finding out more about your visitors with the Login tool
            5. Using a Recommendations Feed plug-in for social proof
            6. Offering smart suggestions with the Recommendations Bar plug-in
            7. Spotlighting your latest website content with the Activity Feed plug-in
            8. Optimizing the Comments plug-in
            9. Embedding Facebook posts on your website
            10. Attracting a larger audience with the Follow Button plug-in
            11. Sharing super-selectively with the Send Button plug-in
            12. Optimizing your connections with Facepile
          3. Finding and Installing Open Source Facebook Plug-ins
            1. Installing a WordPress plug-in
            2. Using Share buttons for multiple social networks
        3. Chapter 3: Discovering Live Video on Facebook
          1. Understanding the Benefits of Live Video
            1. Attracting viewers with chat
            2. Getting closer to customers
            3. Supplementing traditional advertising
          2. Choosing Your Streaming Application
          3. Streaming from Your Facebook Page with the Livestream Application
            1. Creating a Livestream account
            2. Creating an event in Livestream
            3. Installing the Livestream app on your Facebook Page
          4. Streaming with Google Hangouts on Air with 22Social
            1. Creating a Google Hangout on Air
            2. Installing the 22Social app on your Page
          5. Creating Buzz about Your Live Video
            1. Posting to your Facebook Page in advance
            2. Sharing during your event
            3. Sharing viewer comments with other social media
            4. Partnering with other events and organizers
        4. Chapter 4: Using Facebook for Mobile Marketing
          1. Understanding the Rapid Growth of the Mobile World
          2. Optimizing Your Facebook Presence for Users on the Move
            1. Adjusting your Facebook posts for mobile users
            2. Adjusting your Facebook Page for mobile madness
            3. Getting your Facebook Page found in a mobile search
            4. Using Facebook Nearby
          3. Taking Advantage of Facebook Mobile Ads
            1. Displaying Facebook Ads in mobile News Feeds
            2. Displaying Facebook Offers, Likes, and more in mobile News Feeds
            3. Setting up a mobile ad campaign in Facebook
          4. Measuring Your Mobile Success
            1. Using Google Analytics to track mobile traffic
            2. Using Facebook’s Ads Manager to measure ad results
      10. Book IX: Measuring, Monitoring, and Analyzing
        1. Chapter 1: Setting Realistic Targets to Identify Success
          1. Exploring Social Monitoring and Measuring
          2. Knowing the Importance of Social Media Monitoring
            1. Seeing why monitoring online conversations is important
            2. Understanding the importance of eal-time engagement
            3. Monitoring the right way
            4. Identifying your monitoring outcomes
          3. Knowing the Importance of Social Media Measuring
            1. Seeing why measuring online activity is important
            2. Using Google Keyword Planner
            3. Determining what you should measure for your ROI
            4. Turning social activity into key metric indicators
        2. Chapter 2: Exploring Facebook Insights
          1. Getting Started with Insights
            1. Accessing Insights data
            2. Understanding the Overview display
          2. Delving into Insights Details: Categories
            1. Tracking your Like activity
            2. Reach-ing for the Facebook stars
            3. Visiting the Visits tab
            4. Perusing the Posts tab
            5. Profiling your People
            6. Making sense of the numbers
          3. Making Greater Use of Insights
            1. Exporting the data
            2. Evaluating the impact of your content
          4. Evaluating Activity outside Facebook
          5. Making Changes Based on Insights
        3. Chapter 3: Using Third-Party Monitoring Tools and Analyzing Results
          1. Choosing the Best Tool for Your Business
            1. User flexibility
            2. Ease of setup
            3. Ease of use
            4. Ease of reporting
            5. Cost
            6. Training and support
          2. Choosing Monitoring Tools: Your Third-Party Options
            1. Bitly
            2. Mention
            3. Google Analytics
            4. HootSuite
            5. Social Mention
            6. Crowdbooster
            7. AgoraPulse
            8. Hyper Alerts
            9. Sprout Social
            10. Topsy
            11. Klout
          3. Finding the Biggest Payoff with Your Monitoring Efforts
          4. Analyzing Results and Taking Action
            1. Building a tracking guide
            2. Allocating manpower and resources from analysis
            3. Identifying the time-wasters
            4. Making adjustments on the fly
            5. Building on your success
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    • Title: Facebook Marketing All-in-One For Dummies, 3rd Edition
    • Author(s): Jan Zimmerman, John Haydon, Andrea Vahl
    • Release date: August 2014
    • Publisher(s): For Dummies
    • ISBN: 9781118816189