Chapter 5

Getting Noticed on Facebook with a Content Strategy

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding how Facebook users filter content

arrow Posting with a purpose

arrow Developing a response strategy

In the new Facebook marketing paradigm, organizations are just waking up to the fact that in addition to the products and services they sell, information is one of their core offerings. And, in fact, information may just be the most important one. Facebook marketing starts with giving valuable and interesting information to your customers; it’s a social media marketer’s new currency.

This is why a content strategy is probably the most important strategy for marketing on Facebook. A content strategy consists of the plan, goals, and tactics you’ll use to decide what content to post on your Page, when to post it, and how to measure its effectiveness.

In this chapter, we help you understand why content is important and how to create remarkable content.

Understanding How Content Marketing Works on Facebook

To understand marketing content on Facebook, you first must understand the News Feed. In Figure 5-1, you can see that Page stories are displayed on my home News Feed right where John logs in every day to ...

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