Chapter 7

Going Public with Your Facebook Page

In This Chapter

arrow Making sure your Page is ready for prime time

arrow Making your Facebook Page easy to find

arrow Getting fans fast through your existing friend network

arrow Using e-mail marketing, webinars, and Sponsored Story ads

After you’ve created a Facebook Page that you’re happy with, it’s time to begin promoting your Page. The power of using a Facebook Page for marketing exists in Facebook’s social graph — the interconnection of people and the things they like. But at this point, you have zero presence on Facebook, which means you’re starting off from a standing start.

In this chapter, we show you how to use existing marketing assets like direct mail, e-mail lists, and your website to give you that initial push you need to send your Page off into the Facebook stratosphere. You’ll learn why it’s important to create awesome content that is optimized for Facebook users, and why you need to create unique content for your Page. You’ll also learn strategies like using incentives and hidden content (content accessible only by fans) to increase fan conversions. ...

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