Facebook Marketing

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By the end of this course you will be able to promote your business, personal brand, or products on Facebook, and get an increase in growth and engagement. The course will teach you the proper way to use your personal Facebook profile, business pages, and advertising (Facebook's paid marketing) to most effectively promote your business. The course will also teach you what not to waste your time with, and what strategies might be effective. Why I Made This Facebook Marketing Course In my business coaching practice I help many people with their marketing. Most people really struggle with online marketing. It is vital that as a business owner you become very savvy with online marketing very quickly because that will be the difference between getting clients or not. And since most people first think about promoting their business on Facebook when they get started with their business, this is a very necessary course to take. What To Expect From This Facebook Marketing Course I can't promise that after taking this course you will get millions of customers. That is just unrealistic. But I am confident that after taking this course you will be able to comfortably determine what Facebook marketing strategies may be viable for your business, and what strategies may be poor choices. That will empower you to make good decisions in how you promote your business on Facebook. In addition to the course lectures, you get my help and advice! Students are able to start discussions and message me with private questions. I answer 99% of questions within 24 hours. I love helping students who take my courses and I look forward to helping you. So sign up for this Facebook marketing course today, and begin getting more out of your Facebook marketing. Who is the target audience? Internet marketers First time entrepreneurs First time marketers

Table of Contents

  1. Course Introduction
    1. Course Introduction 00:01:44
    2. How to legitimately sell on Facebook 00:03:53
    3. What to expect from different Facebook marketing strategies 00:03:24
  2. How to Go Viral on Facebook
    1. Introduction to virality 00:00:33
    2. Explaining the viral coefficient formula 00:05:06
    3. How to boost virality 00:03:11
    4. Ads having a role in virality 00:03:17
    5. Viral coefficient calculator 00:02:56
    6. Boosting content with ads to increase virality 00:01:45
  3. Facebook Marketing Basics
    1. Why just posting your business on Facebook is not enough 00:03:29
    2. Facebook marketing from a page vs. group vs. personal page vs. fan page 00:03:43
    3. How Facebook is replacing a large use of LinkedIn 00:03:02
    4. Colored background posts to boost engagement 00:02:09
  4. Marketing from Your Personal Page
    1. Marketing from your personal page 00:04:12
    2. Personal profile privacy settings 00:01:16
  5. Facebook Business Page
    1. How to set up your Facebook business page 00:04:24
    2. Hack to boost engagement in a Facebook page 00:03:41
    3. Star rating on your Facebook business page 00:01:39
  6. Marketing from Your Group on Facebook
    1. Marketing from your group on Facebook 00:01:00
    2. Planning your group 00:02:34
    3. How to engage people in your group 00:04:08
    4. Group rules and long-term success 00:02:24
  7. General Good Practice Strategies
    1. Establish yourself as an expert 00:04:00
    2. Like vs. share 00:02:30
    3. Boosting engagement with catchy visuals and other good content 00:03:57
    4. How the Facebook algorithm works 00:04:43
  8. Facebook Marketing Strategies To Increase Engagement over 1000%
    1. Introduction 00:00:42
    2. Current traffic trends on Facebook 00:01:29
    3. Post topic ideas that get engagement 00:02:18
    4. How many times per day to post on Facebook 00:02:55
    5. Mentioning other people in your posts to get more engagement 00:01:41
    6. Big data research inforgraphic 00:01:01
    7. Hack to get more likes, comments and shares from posts 00:00:53
    8. How to get more Facebook engagement 00:09:37
    9. Small growth hack to increase post engagement from outside of Facebook 00:01:06
    10. How to use images in posts to increase engagement 00:04:01
  9. Facebook Automation
    1. Introduction 00:01:23
    2. Benefits of social media marketing automation 00:02:01
    3. Social media automation tools 00:05:01
    4. Walkthrough of my SocialOomph account 00:03:37
  10. Marketing with Facebook Ads
    1. Introduction 00:01:30
    2. How to get to the Facebook ad dashboard 00:00:47
    3. Setting up your Facebook page for ads 00:01:04
    4. Which Facebook ad to choose 00:02:29
    5. Three Facebook ad strategies 00:04:04
    6. Setting the right targeting for your ad 00:03:25
    7. Creating the right ad format 00:04:10
    8. Targeting pro tip 00:01:41
    9. Ad retargeting with Facebook 00:02:24
    10. How to install Facebook pixel 00:03:59
    11. Targeting lookalike audiences 00:01:49
    12. Optimizing ads for the best exposure 00:02:47
    13. Facebook boosted posts experiment conclusion, results and strategies 00:04:04
    14. Facebook boosted posts results and suggested strategies 00:06:50
  11. Facebook Live
    1. Introduction to Facebook Live 00:01:24
    2. Going Facebook Live on mobile 00:00:49
    3. How to run your Facebook live sessions 00:02:52
  12. International Facebook traffic 00:00:46

Product Information

  • Title: Facebook Marketing
  • Author(s): Alex Genadinik
  • Release date: July 2018
  • Publisher(s): Stone River eLearning
  • ISBN: 70000SREAG02