17Strengthening Family Resilience: A Community Capacity Approach

Anne F. Farrell, Gary L. Bowen, and Samantha A. Goodrich

Introduction: The Road of Life

Life is a road, and the journey down that road can be long. It has twists and turns, arduous climbs, and hills to coast down. It is smooth and bumpy, meandering and straight. There are sharp curves and potholes; inviting vistas appear and recede. Sight distance can be limited. On the road, it is possible to anticipate some of what is ahead and to look back at what has passed, all the while paying attention to the surroundings.

Writers from philosopher-poet Robert Frost to the band Green Day have described life as a road, an apt metaphor because it represents essential aspects of the human condition. In the social sciences field, Bowen and Martin (2011) use the “road of life” metaphor to describe the experiences of military ...

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