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FAST Creativity & Innovation

Book Description

FAST Creativity & Innovation is a landmark work authored by the creator of the method called Function Analysis Systems Technique (FAST) and pioneer of value engineering and value analysis. FAST is a powerful mapping technique that can graphically model goals, objectives, strategies, plans, systems, projects, products, processes, and procedures in function terms to identify function dependencies by organizing them into a cause and effect relationship. This technique quickly brings clarity to whatever situation or problem it is applied and greatly enhances productive thinking, creativity, innovation, and complex problem solving.

Some of the basic concepts of FAST have been used for several decades in value engineering, which focuses on decreasing costs, improving quality and increasing value and profits. Derivatives of this original method such as fishbone diagrams, theory of constraints and process mapping came into use in fields such as quality management, new product development, manufacturing, and supply chain and project management. However, despite these developments, many of the original FAST concepts were either overlooked or misunderstood as greater opportunities for success remained untapped. FAST Creativity & Innovation groups all the original concepts together in great detail so you can learn them using easily understood step-by-step examples developed by the creator of this method.  

Key Features

  • Covers all the original concepts of the FAST method in step-by-step detail with examples from diverse disciplines and industries, as well as some concepts not previously shared by Charles Bytheway, the founder of this technique
  • Shows how innovation can be fostered and developed using the author’s FAST and function tree method to increase value and competitive advantage
  • Illustrates how the FAST diagram clarifies a problem and pinpoints the areas to apply creativity
  • Provides an expanded function tree, which makes it possible for several people, regardless of geographical locations, to develop the required functions for analysis and quickly generate creative solutions to complex problems
  • Includes thought provoking questions to enhance logic thinking and intuitive role-playing to aid in the construction of function logic
  • WAV offers free downloadable thought-provoking questions, ground rules for brainstorming, a FAST Tree for the FAST procedure, and templates for creating FAST diagrams — available from the Web Added Value™ Download Resource Center at www.jrosspub.com/wav