Fast Data Use Cases for Telecommunications

Book description

Telecommunications networks have always generated data at line speed, but with the massive increase in streaming data these service providers now handle, telcos have to process and act on data in milliseconds. Fast data—not just big data—is the future of telco. This report examines several use cases that illustrate telco’s increasing need for fast data in operational and business support (OSS and BSS) systems, flexible NFV and 5G architectures, subscription services, and IoT devices.

You’ll explore case studies involving VoltDB, an in-memory, NewSQL database popular with telcos for its ability to handle the speed and scale of fast data. This report reflects the experiences of VoltDB engineers and their telco customers—Openet, Nokia, Emagine International, and Nimble Storage—that recently deployed flexible, cost-effective fast-data solutions.

Discover how:

  • Fast-data systems ingest, analyze, act upon, and export data while meeting stringent non-functional requirements
  • Openet evolved its mediation product with a VoltDB system to process 1 trillion real-time events per day
  • Nokia seamlessly transitioned to NFV and SDN to deliver converged broadband and IoT communication
  • Emagine used VoltDB to provide real-time analysis of network subscriber data based on event triggers
  • Nimble upgraded its predictive analytics platform to predict, diagnose, and prevent performance problems in IoT storage arrays

Product information

  • Title: Fast Data Use Cases for Telecommunications
  • Author(s): Ciara Byrne
  • Release date: October 2017
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781491998250