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Fearless Photographer Weddings

Book Description

Written for the photographer who is looking for a fresh, unique approach to wedding photography. Covering new styles and concepts for shooting such as fashion bridal photography and photojournalism, Fearless Photographer: Weddings, teaches readers how to use both their equipment and their people skills to capture beautiful and creative images of weddings that truly show the couple's personality and the emotions of the day. The book also shows how to make the most out of any setting to get great photos whatever the wedding location might be.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. About the Authors
  4. Introduction
    1. About the Series
  5. 1. Philosophy: Are You Ready to Be Creative?
    1. You Are Not for Everyone
    2. Get Clients Who Like You
      1. Brand Yourself
      2. Dress the Part
    3. Your Niche Wedding
      1. Price Yourself Appropriately
      2. Continue to Develop Your Niche
      3. Catch the Eyes of Wedding Planners
    4. Don’t Shoot to Get Paid
    5. Build a Relationship with Your Clients
      1. Orchestrate the Initial Meeting
      2. Making Friends with Your Clients
      3. Stay Open to Ideas
  6. 2. Gear: It Does Make a Difference
    1. Lenses
      1. Know What Your Lenses Can Do
      2. Lens Specifics
        1. The 85mm f/1.2
        2. The 80–200mm f/2.8
        3. The 35mm f/1.4
        4. The 20mm f/2.8
    2. Bodies
      1. Shoot with a Pro Body
      2. Understanding Sensors
      3. Shooting Film
    3. Focus
  7. 3. Exposure
    1. What Is Exposure?
      1. Shutter Speed and Exposure
    2. Aperture and Exposure
    3. Working with Aperture and Shutter Speed Together
    4. Understanding Metering Modes
      1. Evaluative/Matrix and Average Metering
      2. Evaluative
      3. Spot Metering
      4. Spot
      5. Center-Weighted/Partial Metering
      6. Partial
    5. Using a Handheld Meter
  8. 4. Light
    1. Light Color
    2. Sun: Morning
    3. Sun: Noon
    4. Sun: Afternoon
    5. Sun: Sunset, the Über Hour!
    6. Night: No Sun
    7. Room Lights
    8. Flash: On-Camera
      1. Direct Flash
      2. Bounce Flash
    9. Flash: Off-Camera
    10. Multiple Lights
    11. Studio Strobes
    12. Video Light
    13. Lighting a Venue
    14. Gels: Are You Gelling?
  9. 5. Getting Ready: Pre-Ceremony
    1. Bride and Groom Prep
    2. The Bride and Her Bridesmaids
    3. The Dress
    4. Tying the Ties: The Guys
  10. 6. The Ceremony
    1. Jewish Weddings: Shooting the Moments Right before the Ceremony
    2. Churches: Right before the Ceremony
    3. The Procession
    4. The Vows and the Ceremony
    5. Family Reactions and Details
    6. Outdoor Ceremonies
    7. Hotel Ceremonies
  11. 7. Family Portraits and the Wedding Party
    1. The Dreaded Family Shots
      1. Planning for the Family Shots
      2. Creativity in Family Shots
    2. The Wedding Party
      1. Traditional versus More Creative Wedding-Party Shots
      2. Posing the Wedding Party
      3. Some Final Tips for Shooting the Wedding Party
  12. 8. Bride and Groom
    1. Make Your Bride and Groom Feel Comfortable
    2. Use Simple Poses
    3. Capture Real Emotion
    4. Use Fashion Poses
    5. Work Quickly
    6. Everyone Is Sexy, and It’s Your Job to Make Them Look Good
    7. Make the Most of What’s around You
    8. Trash the Dress/Post–Wedding Day Shoot
  13. 9. The Reception
    1. The Room
    2. First Dance
    3. Parent Dances
    4. Speeches
    5. Guest Reactions
    6. Cake Cutting
    7. Party Time
    8. Case in Point
  14. 10. Locations, Locations, Locations
    1. Beach Weddings
    2. Mountains of Fun
    3. City Weddings
    4. Night Weddings
    5. Function Hall Weddings
    6. Destination Weddings
  15. 11. Staying Creative
    1. Go Find Inspiration
    2. Shoot Something Other Than a Wedding
    3. Get Inspired by Famous Weddings
  16. 12. The Edit
    1. Time Sync Multiple Cameras
    2. Sort and Edit
      1. Sorting
      2. Editing
    3. Tell the Story
  17. 13. Snazzing Up Your Images in Photoshop
    1. Why Actions Are the Bee’s Knees
      1. Actions Save You Time
      2. Actions Make Complex Tasks Repeatable
      3. Actions Let You Hijack the Brains of Smart People
    2. How to Record an Action
    3. Modifying and Adding to Actions
    4. Making a Super Action (an Action of Actions)
    5. Batch Processing
    6. Commercial and Premade Actions
    7. Tips for Using Actions in Your Workflow
      1. Pick a Few Favorites and Stick with Them
      2. Take Them Apart and Learn from Them
      3. Don’t Be Afraid to Tweak and Experiment
    8. A Few Words about Lightroom Presets
  18. 14. Presenting Your Work
    1. Blogging
    2. Digital Slideshows
    3. Prints and Albums
    4. Goodbye, Farewell, Toodle-oo!