AC electric energy. See alternating current (AC) electric energy

ACP. See Alternative compliance payment

Air conditioning and refrigeration technologies, 7880

Algae biodiesel, 6163

Alternative compliance payment (ACP), 235

Alternating current (AC) electric energy, 170

Annual percentage yield (APY), 167

APY. See Annual percentage yield

ATC. See Average total cost

Automotive technologies, 1315, 36, 123126, 157

AVC. See Average variable cost

Average total cost (ATC), 118, 119

Average variable cost (AVC), 114116

Bathtub curve, 90

Battery electric vehicle (BEV), 123, 157

Battery storage, electric vehicles, 123126

BEV. See Battery electric vehicle

Break-even analysis

arrayed technologies, 154156

crossover points, 154156

device, 136

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