Table 7.1 Overview of Chapter 7
Main topic Sub topics Main points
How to determine the boundary and the
region it encloses. How to form a description
of the boundary and necessary properties in
that description. How we describe a
curve/boundary by Fourier approaches.
Basic approach: chain codes. Fourier
descriptors: discrete approximations;
cumulative angular function and
elliptic Fourier descriptors.
How we describe the area of a shape. Basic
shape measures: heuristics and properties.
Describing area by statistical moments: need
for invariance and more sophisticated
descriptions. What moments describe, and
reconstruction from the moments.
Basic shape measures: area; perimeter;
compactness; dispersion. Moments:
basic; centralized; invariant; Zernike.
Properties and reconstruction.
7.2 Boundary descriptions
7.2.1 Boundary and region
A region usually describes contents (or interior points) that are surrounded by a boundary (or
perimeter), which is often