Appendix A. About the Media

If you have a CD-ROM or DVD drive on a standard PC (32-bit i386 architecture), you can install Fedora 9 from the media that come with this book. Those media include:

  • Fedora 9 Install DVD — Instead of offering the Fedora 9 Prime DVD (3.4GB), we put together most of the software from the massive Fedora 9 software repository on this DVD (over 8GB). This represents the combination of what was called Fedora Core and Fedora Extras in versions of Fedora prior to Fedora 7.


    The Fedora 9 DVD that comes with this book includes all Fedora packages that are associated with the software groups you see when you install Fedora. There are other Fedora packages available that are not part of any group. To search for or add any of that extra software, use the List or Search features of the PackageKit utility.

  • Fedora 9 KDE Live/Install desktop CD — This is an official live CD from the Fedora project. It boots to a KDE desktop with a nice variety of applications, regardless of what is installed on your computer's hard disk. You can install the contents of this CD to hard disk by starting the installer icon from the live CD's desktop. Once the software is installed, you can install any other software you need from online repositories.

If you have a drive that supports both DVDs and CDs, use the DVD. It gives you greater options for selecting software and does not require access to online repositories to go beyond a basic desktop system. However, for the average desktop user, ...

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