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Fierce on The Page

Book Description

Produce your best work. Live your best life. Make your greatest impact.

You have everything you need--and you are everything you need--to do the writing you are meant to do. And yet the path to success can be difficult to find and follow.

Veteran author and writing guide Sage Cohen believes that ferocity is your best compass for finding your true way forward. She shows you how to transform your attitude and practices so you can:
  • Unleash your creativity
  • Cultivate your strengths
  • Overcome resistance, fear, and other obstacles
  • Define success on your own terms
  • Move intentionally toward your goals
  • Become unstoppable in your evolution
In this collection of contemplative and inspiring essays, you'll unlock the secrets to naming your deepest desires, eliminating the challenges that hold you back, and committing to your practice. Fierce on the Page is your trustworthy companion for crafting your best writing and your best life.

Join the conversation about the fierce writing life at fierceonthepage.com.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication
  4. About the Author
  5. Introduction: Unleashing the Fierce Writer Within
  6. Chapter 1: You Are Your Best Expert
  7. Chapter 2: Mint Gold
  8. Chapter 3: Bite the Monkey
  9. Chapter 4: Paint Your Target Where the Arrow Lands
  10. Chapter 5: It’s Easier with a Buddy
  11. Chapter 6: Fall in Love with the Problem
  12. Chapter 7: Write Two Pages and Call Me in the Morning
  13. Chapter 8: Get Happy First
  14. Chapter 9: Change Your Context to Regain Your Appetite
  15. Chapter 10: How Much the Writing Life Can Hold
  16. Chapter 11: Know Yourself, Welcome Yourself
  17. Chapter 12: Serve Your Audience
  18. Chapter 13: What If You Stopped Trying So Hard?
  19. Chapter 14: Build a Cathedral
  20. Chapter 15: You’re Worth It
  21. Chapter 16: Make It Matter
  22. Chapter 17: To Plan Is Human; To Schedule Is Divine
  23. Chapter 18: Honor Your Lineage
  24. Chapter 19: Master the Margin
  25. Chapter 20: Change Yourself
  26. Chapter 21: Define Success on Your Terms
  27. Chapter 22: Two Keys to Unlock Your Momentum
  28. Chapter 23: BYOB: Become Your Own Brand
  29. Chapter 24: Find (and Keep) Your X
  30. Chapter 25: Let It Go, Let It Go
  31. Chapter 26: Don’t Smoke a Cigarette While Pushing an Oxygen Tank
  32. Chapter 27: Take a Stand
  33. Chapter 28: Fail Harder
  34. Chapter 29: The Art of Incubation
  35. Chapter 30: Secure Your Own Mask Before Assisting Others
  36. Chapter 31: Learn the Names of Things
  37. Chapter 32: Embrace Your Envy
  38. Chapter 33: Cultivate Your Voice
  39. Chapter 34: Get Back on the Scale
  40. Chapter 35: Join the Conversation
  41. Chapter 36: Claim Your Superpower; Cherish Your Kryptonite
  42. Chapter 37: Be Grateful
  43. Chapter 38: Be Slow
  44. Chapter 39: Inhabit the Universal
  45. Chapter 40: Don’t Rush the Ending
  46. Chapter 41: Poetic License Granted
  47. Chapter 42: What If Marketing Were Love Made Contagious?
  48. Chapter 43: The Glint of Light on Broken Glass
  49. Chapter 44: Observation As Transportation
  50. Chapter 45: Stop Smushing Bananas
  51. Chapter 46: Reaching High Is the True Triumph
  52. Chapter 47: Notice. Intend. Act.
  53. Chapter 48: If Everyone Else Was Jumping off a Bridge
  54. Chapter 49: The Traffic Cone and the Under-Construction Writing Life
  55. Chapter 50: Better Than Busy
  56. Chapter 51: Find Eliza
  57. Chapter 52: It’s Your Story to Tell
  58. Chapter 53: Ask Well and Ye Shall Receive
  59. Chapter 54: Freedom’s Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Choose
  60. Chapter 55: Write Your Manifesto
  61. Chapter 56: Love Thy List
  62. Chapter 57: Write the Acknowledgments First
  63. Chapter 58: A Bug’s Life, A Writer’s Life
  64. Chapter 59: Lead What You Want to Learn
  65. Chapter 60: Ride the Wave of Fear
  66. Chapter 61: Find Your Form
  67. Chapter 62: Listen to Your Mother
  68. Chapter 63: Get to the Place of Grace
  69. Chapter 64: Happily Ever During
  70. Chapter 65: Cars Don’t Melt
  71. Chapter 66: Love the Dog You Pick
  72. Chapter 67: Practice Closes the Gap
  73. Chapter 68: The Net May or May Not Appear
  74. Chapter 69: Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, but Names Can Change the Shape of Water Molecules
  75. Chapter 70: From Breakdown to Breakthrough
  76. Chapter 71: Pick the Low-Hanging Fruit
  77. Chapter 72: Cupid Hits an Artery
  78. Chapter 73: Oh, the Places You’ll Go
  79. Chapter 74: Leave a Tiger Behind
  80. Chapter 75: From Impossible to Inevitable