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Figures, Characters, and Avatars, Second Edition

Book Description

Discover how to most effectively use the powerful new DAZ Studio? 4.0 to create stunning 3D art with the latest version of the popular FIGURES, CHARACTERS, AND AVATARS: THE OFFICIAL GUIDE TO USING DAZ STUDIO TO CREATE BEAUTIFUL ART. Written by accomplished instructor, successful author, and leading entertainment animator Les Pardew, this book equips artists at any skill level with the knowledge and powerful, no-cost animation tools to create stunning digital imagery, from traditional media to 3D interactive avatars. This edition explores the latest features and improvements of the no-cost, popular version 4.0, including feature-rich 3D figure posing and animation tools that are perfect for designing unique digital art and animation with virtual people, animals, props, vehicles, and more. Simple, easy-to-follow instructions in lesson format introduce a vast library of existing characters in the accompanying software and show readers how to quickly become better artists.