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FileMaker® 12 In Depth

Book Description

FileMaker® 12 In Depth

Do more in less time!

FileMaker 12 In Depth is the most comprehensive, coherent, and practical guide to creating professional-quality solutions with the newest versions of FileMaker! Drawing on his unsurpassed real-world experience as a FileMaker user, consultant, and developer, Jesse Feiler helps you gain practical mastery of today’s newest, most advanced FileMaker tools and features.

•      Use themes to build solutions for FileMaker Pro on Windows and OS X, FileMaker Go
on iOS, and Instant Web Publishing

•      Get the most out of new container field technology

•      Quickly become a FileMaker 12 power user

•      Make the most of FileMaker fields, tables, layouts, and parts

•      Iteratively design reliable, high-performance FileMaker relational databases

•      Work with relationships, including self-joins and cross-product relationships

•      Write calculation formulas and use functions

•      Use event-driven scripts to make databases more interactive

•      Build clear and usable reports, publish them, and incorporate them into workflows

•      Secure applications with user accounts, privileges, file-level access, network security,
and authentication

•      Use FileMaker’s Web Viewer to access live web-based data

•      Convert systems from older versions of FileMaker, and troubleshoot successfully

•      Share, exchange, export, and publish data via SQL and XML

•      Instantly publish databases on the web, and use advanced Custom Web Publishing techniques

•      Trigger automated behaviors whenever specific events occur

•      Extend FileMaker’s functionality with plug-ins

•      Set up, configure, tune, and secure FileMaker Server

All In Depth books offer

•     Comprehensive coverage with detailed solutions

•     Troubleshooting help for tough problems you can’t fix on your own

•     Outstanding authors recognized worldwide for their expertise and teaching style

Learning, reference, problem-solving... the only FileMaker 12 book you need!

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Contents at a Glance
  4. Contents
  5. About the Author
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. We Want to Hear from You!
  8. Reader Services
  9. Introduction: Welcome to FileMaker 12
    1. Best of Three Worlds
    2. How This Book Is Organized
    3. Who Should Use This Book
  10. I. Getting Started with FileMaker 12
    1. 1. FileMaker Overview
      1. FileMaker and Its Marketplace
      2. Introduction to Database Software
      3. Overview of the FileMaker Product Line
      4. FileMaker Deployment Options
      5. Technical Specifications
    2. 2. Using FileMaker Pro
      1. Getting Started
      2. Understanding FileMaker Pro Features
      3. Using the Status Toolbar
      4. Working in FileMaker Pro
      5. Working with Records
      6. Working with Fields
      7. Working with Related Data
      8. Finding Data with FileMaker
      9. Sorting
      10. Printing
      11. Importing and Exporting Data
      12. Using the Web Viewer
      13. Troubleshooting
      14. FileMaker Extra: Becoming a FileMaker Pro Power User
    3. 3. Defining and Working with Fields and Tables
      1. Working Under the Hood
      2. Working with Tables
      3. Working with Fields
      4. Working with Field Types
      5. Working with Field Options
      6. Troubleshooting
      7. FileMaker Extra: Indexing in FileMaker
    4. 4. Working with Layouts
      1. What’s a Layout?
      2. Using Multiple Layouts Automatically
      3. Creating and Managing Layouts
      4. Working with Parts
      5. Working with the Layout Status Toolbar
      6. Using the Inspector
      7. Working with Objects on a Layout
      8. Working with the Tab Control Object
      9. Working with Fields
      10. Troubleshooting
  11. II. Developing Solutions with FileMaker
    1. 5. Relational Database Design
      1. Understanding Database Design
      2. Database Analysis
      3. Working with Entities and Attributes
      4. Understanding Relationships
      5. Understanding the Role of Keys in Database Design
      6. Many-to-Many Relationships
      7. Normalizing Data: What Goes Where
      8. FileMaker Extra: Complex Many-to-Many Relationships
    2. 6. Working with Multiple Tables
      1. Multitable Systems in FileMaker Pro
      2. Creating a One-to-Many Relationship in FileMaker
      3. Working with Related Data
      4. Creating a Many-to-Many Relationship
      5. Rapid Multitable Development
      6. Troubleshooting
    3. 7. Working with Relationships
      1. Relationships Graphs and ERDs
      2. Relationships as Queries
      3. Creating Self-Relationships
      4. Creating a Relationship with a Global Value
      5. Creating Cross-Product Relationships
      6. Working with Multiple Files
      7. Troubleshooting
      8. FileMaker Extra: Managing the Relationships Graph
    4. 8. Getting Started with Calculations
      1. Understanding How and Where Calculations Are Used
      2. Exploring the Specify Calculation Dialog
      3. Essential Functions
      4. Using Conditional Functions
      5. Aggregate Functions
      6. Learning About the Environment: Introspective Functions
      7. Device Identification Functions
      8. Mobile Functions
      9. Troubleshooting
      10. FileMaker Extra: Tips for Becoming a Calculation Master
    5. 9. Getting Started with Scripting
      1. Scripts in FileMaker Pro
      2. Creating Scripts
      3. Managing the Scripts Menu
      4. Common Scripting Topics
      5. Starting and Triggering Scripts
      6. Working with Buttons on Layouts
      7. Naming Scripts
      8. Troubleshooting
      9. FileMaker Extra: Creating a Script Library
    6. 10. Getting Started with Reporting and Charting
      1. Reporting in FileMaker Pro
      2. Deriving Meaning from Data
      3. Working with Reports, Layouts, View As Options, and Modes
      4. Working with Lists of Data
      5. Using the New Layout/Report Assistant
      6. Using Summarized Reports
      7. Modifying Table Views
      8. Customizing Layouts and Reports
      9. Delivering Reports
      10. Introducing Charting
      11. Troubleshooting
      12. FileMaker Extra: Incorporating Reports into the Workflow
  12. III. Developer Techniques
    1. 11. Developing for Multiuser Deployment
      1. Developing for Multiple Users
      2. Sessions in FileMaker Pro
      3. Concurrency
      4. Launch Files
      5. Troubleshooting
      6. FileMaker Extra: Development with a Team
    2. 12. Implementing Security
      1. Approaching Security
      2. User-Level Internal Security
      3. File-Level Access Security
      4. Troubleshooting
      5. FileMaker Extra: Working with Multiple Files
    3. 13. Using the Web Viewer
      1. Introducing the Web Viewer
      2. Creating and Editing a Web Viewer
      3. Setting Web Viewer Options
      4. Controlling the Web Viewer with the SET WEB VIEWER Script Step
      5. FileMaker Extra: Using the Web Viewer for Files
    4. 14. Advanced Interface Techniques
      1. What’s New in the Interface World
      2. Working with Themes
      3. Using Styles and States
      4. Using FileMaker Formatting Tools
      5. Using GetLayoutObjectAttribute
      6. Working with Custom Menus
      7. Providing Accessibility
      8. FileMaker Extra: User Interface Heuristics
    5. 15. Advanced Calculation Techniques
      1. Logical Functions
      2. Text Formatting Functions
      3. Array Functions
      4. The “Filter”-ing Functions
      5. Custom Functions
      6. GetNthRecord
      7. Troubleshooting
      8. FileMaker Extra: Creating a Custom Function Library
    6. 16. Advanced Scripting Techniques
      1. What Is Advanced Scripting?
      2. Script Parameters
      3. Script Results
      4. Script Variables
      5. FileMaker Extra: Recursive Scripts
    7. 17. Working with FileMaker Triggers
      1. Introducing FileMaker Triggers
      2. Attaching Triggers
      3. Using a Timer
      4. Trigger Functions
      5. FileMaker Extra: Using Triggers for an Interactive Interface
    8. 18. Advanced FileMaker Solution Architecture
      1. Window Management Techniques
      2. Multiwindow Interfaces
      3. Creating a Modal Dialog Using a Script Pause State
      4. Go to Related Record
      5. Dedicated Find Layouts
      6. Troubleshooting
    9. 19. Debugging and Troubleshooting
      1. What Is Troubleshooting?
      2. Staying Out of Trouble
      3. Planning for Trouble
      4. Troubleshooting Scripts and Calculations
      5. Troubleshooting in Specific Areas: Performance, Context, Connectivity, and Globals
      6. File Maintenance and Recovery
      7. Using the Database Design Report
      8. Using the Script Debugger
      9. Using the Data Viewer
    10. 20. Converting Systems from Previous Versions of FileMaker Pro
      1. Updating and Upgrading FileMaker Software
      2. Migrating to New FileMaker File Formats
      3. Planning the Conversion
      4. Preconversion Tasks
      5. Converting Files
  13. IV. Data Integration and Publishing
    1. 21. Connecting to External SQL Data Sources
      1. ODBC Basics
      2. Setting Up FileMaker Databases for ODBC
      3. Setting Up and Administering ODBC
      4. Importing ODBC Data into FileMaker
      5. Using External ODBC Data Sources with the Relationships Graph
      6. Troubleshooting
    2. 22. Importing Data into FileMaker Pro
      1. Working with External Data
      2. Flat-File Data Sources
      3. Importing from a Microsoft Excel File
      4. Setting Import Options and Reviewing Status
      5. Importing Multiple Files from a Folder
      6. Scripting Imports with FileMaker
      7. Using Bento Data Sources
      8. Troubleshooting
      9. FileMaker Extra: Exploiting the FileMaker-to-FileMaker Import
    3. 23. Exporting Data from FileMaker
      1. Getting Out What You Put In
      2. The Basic Mechanics of Exporting
      3. Export File Formats
      4. Formatting Exported Data
      5. Exporting Related Fields
      6. Exporting Grouped Data
      7. Exporting to Fixed-Width Formats
      8. Working with Large Fields and Container Fields
      9. Scripted Exports
    4. 24. Instant Web Publishing
      1. Overview of Instant Web Publishing
      2. Enabling and Configuring IWP
      3. Designing for IWP Deployment
      4. Troubleshooting
    5. 25. Custom Web Publishing with PHP and XML
      1. About Custom Web Publishing
      2. Custom Web Publishing Versus Instant Web Publishing
      3. Preparing for Custom Web Publishing
      4. Choosing a Custom Web Publishing Technology
      5. Using Custom Web Publishing with PHP
      6. Using Custom Web Publishing with XML
      7. About Sessions
      8. Troubleshooting
  14. V. Deploying a FileMaker Solution
    1. 26. Deploying and Extending FileMaker
      1. FileMaker Deployment Options
      2. Renaming Files
      3. Runtime Solutions
      4. Developing Kiosk Solutions
      5. Plug-Ins
      6. Troubleshooting
    2. 27. FileMaker Server and Server Advanced
      1. About FileMaker Server
      2. Installing and Deploying FileMaker Server
      3. Running FileMaker Server
      4. Using Admin Console
      5. FileMaker Extra: Best Practices Checklist
  15. Index