Chapter 4. What's New in FileMaker 10

FileMaker 10 provides a significant enhancement of the application, introducing essential new features to complement and extend its power and versatility, while offering a range of enhancements to previous functionality. The changes in this version provide exciting new options for simplification of processes and automation of your solutions, while also ushering in updates to the look and feel of the interface to lend a more contemporary appearance to your solutions.

This chapter offers an overview of the new features and enhancements in FileMaker 10, along with a discussion of their use and their implications for the ways you design and deploy your solutions.

Embracing Change

If you have created FileMaker solutions in previous versions of FileMaker, you may be pleased to know that FileMaker Pro 10 uses the file format (and the fp7 file extension) that has been current since the release of FileMaker 7 in 2004. Consequently, you can open solutions created in previous ...

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