Appendix A. Scripting Reference

This is the designated, dog-eared, paper-clipped, sticky-note-targeted section of the book. I expect you to put a bookmark here and to keep referring to this section as you need it. While it is not as complete or extensive as I would like (I would love to do an 800-page FileMaker language reference guide), it is enough to get you going and assist you with your journeys with FileMaker script programming. You can also use the FileMaker online help system for getting more information about the available script steps and Calculation Editor functions that you'll employ to specify script step parameters.

The following is an explanation of the format used throughout this reference. Each entry begins with the script step function name and continues with the following categories:

  • Web: Yes, if compatible with the Web; No if not compatible with the Web. You publish to the Web with the Instant Web Publishing feature, covered in detail in Chapter 12.

  • Purpose: A description of what this statement does.

  • Prototype: Format of the statement.

  • Parameters: Describes the parameters that the statement uses.

  • Results: The results, if any, that the statement returns after execution.

  • Comments: Additional comments about using this statement.

  • Example: An example of how to use the statement.

Add Account

Web: Yes

Purpose: Adds a new account, password, and privilege set. The account ID and password can be generated via calculations built in the Calculation Editor, or hard coded (typed directly). ...

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