Filling the Observability Gap

Book description

As organizations add systems, services, and cloud environments, they notice that their old ways of monitoring performance are no longer adequate. Even though they prioritize observability, operations teams are not finding ways to achieve it. According to a survey conducted in early 2021, managers and staff of more than 1,300 organizations reported that lack of observability into their systems and applications hampered their ability to trace and recover from problems.

This report dives into the survey results to reveal three main challenges: lack of observability, high costs related to tools and training, and difficulties coordinating the teams who are trying to solve system and network problems. DevOps executives and practitioners will examine several issues throughout this report, including:

  • The extent of tool sprawl, with trending data on the number and categories of both tools and data types deployed across teams
  • The negative impacts caused by tool sprawl and siloed data on technological, business, and individual objectives
  • A proposed approach to combat these challenges and issues by consolidating telemetry data into an observability platform

Product information

  • Title: Filling the Observability Gap
  • Author(s): Andy Oram
  • Release date: March 2021
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781098105860