Picture Credits

Alamy/Fuller Photography: 129T.

Art Archive/Metropolitan Museum of Art New York/Superstock: 40BR.

Courtesy of Janit Baldwin Photography: 90B, 91R.

Courtesy of Jim Bissell: 26C; Photograph by Jim Bissell: 22.

Courtesy of Rick Carter: 35T, 36L, 37B, 37CL, 38BR (3 images), 42C, 42B, 43T, 43C.

Courtesy of Christa C. Y. Chen: 174CL, 174BL, 174BR.

Courtesy of Columbia Pictures. “MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA” © 2005 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc., DreamWorks LLC and Spyglass Entertainment Group, LLC. All Rights Reserved: 154BL, 154TR, 155C.

Corbis/Jörg Carstensen: 98; Jérôme de Perlinghi/Outline: 178; Reuters: 12; Max Rossi/Reuters: 78.

Courtesy of Stuart Craig: 58L, 59BL, 59TL.

Courtesy of Nathan Crowley: 71T, 72B.

Courtesy of Dante Ferretti. ...

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