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Final Cut Pro 6 - level 3

Video Description

Final Cut Pro 6 - level 3These last 12 videos in this series are a must for those wanting to master the more advanced features in Final Cut Pro. Jerry teaches you about Multiclips, Ripple and Roll edits, Slip and Slide tools, Masks and Mattes, changing speeds and the all essential export options. If you feel you have mastered Final Cut Pro then look at these videos and you will learn how to speed up your workflow and create some very professional edits.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Multiclip 00:12:19
  2. Advanced Multiclip 00:08:41
  3. Ripple and roll edits 00:07:08
  4. Slip and slide tools 00:04:58
  5. Editing with shortcuts 00:03:42
  6. Trim window 00:07:47
  7. Filters 00:07:34
  8. Masks and mattes 00:05:15
  9. Speed changes 00:03:50
  10. Time re-mapping 00:07:02
  11. Exporting 00:07:55
  12. Print and edit to tape 00:03:52