9. Fine-Tuning

In This Chapter

Adjusting Edits

Trimming from the Keyboard

Using the Precision Editor

Expanding Clips

Detaching Audio

Slipping Clips

Sliding Clips

Chapter 7, “Basic Editing,” got you started cutting in earnest, getting your footage into the Timeline and creating a rough cut of your movie. However, that’s only the beginning of your editing work. In fact, it might be said that the rough cut, which was 80 percent of the work, likely took only 20 percent of the overall editing time. Put another way, the last 20 percent—the finessing, perfecting, and finalizing of your edits—is likely to take 80 percent of your time.

But what exactly does fine-tuning consist of? Much of the process is about tightening edits and finding the absolute ...

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