16.1      Scope of variables

16.2      VBA string functions

16.3      DateAdd function parameters

16.4      DateDiff function parameters

16.5      Format function parameters

16.6      Type conversion functions

16.7      Arithmetic operators

16.8      Operator precedence

16.9      The basic hierarchy of the Excel object hierarchy

16.10    Offset parameters

16.11    Rows and Columns examples

17.1      IIf function parameters

17.2      Comparison operators

17.3      Logical operators

18.1      Adding End Sub

18.2      Filling in the data type

18.3      Debugging shortcut keys

18.4      MsgBox parameters

18.5      InputBox parameters

18.6      Excel InputBox parameters

18.7      Constants used as argument to Application.FileDialog.

19.1      Some ...

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