1  Getting started

1.1 Workbooks and spreadsheets

An Excel file is called a workbook and consists of one or several spreadsheets. A spreadsheet is built up by many cells that may contain text, numbers or formulas that refer to other cells. Each cell has an address defined by a column number (from 1 to 1 048 561) and a row number (from A to XFD).

The nice thing about Excel is that you can perform operations on the numbers or the text written in the cells. You can do calculations in a budget, complex mathematical calculations, operations on a text, etc.

In figure 1.1 the numbers 2 and 3 are written in the cells A1 and A2 respectively. A formula in Excel always starts with a “=”. In cell A3 we have written the formula “=A1+A2” so that the content ...

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