Chapter 14

The Family Man Behind Bars

Antonio Ivan Aguirre

Eddie Bentz was a senior bookkeeper in the Accounting Department of Nasdall Bank's West Coast Central branch. He prided himself on being a self-made man who earned his college degree through hard work and diligent study. He came from a poor family in a rural Midwest area and he strived to finish his education by working part-time at a fast-food restaurant. He was determined to earn his degree because he knew it was his passport to success. His work ethic was incomparable and earned the approval of his supervisors — he became the role model for what a Nasdall Bank employee should be. His knack for understanding the accounting and clearing operations of the bank earned him the trust and confidence of his immediate supervisors, accounting personnel and bank tellers.

Remembering the difficult times he experienced in his youth, Eddie vowed that he would never go back to a life of poverty and pushed himself to the limit by working almost 12 hours a day. He mastered the accounting entries in the branch's operations, including the intricacies of check clearing and settlements. As a result, the branch accountant entrusted him with the task of posting journal entries in the daily financial statement — which was known as the daily statement of condition — without reviewing the accuracy of the entries.

Eddie's life after work was simple — almost dull — and without any telltale sign of high-finance living. He had a good reputation ...

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