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Finding and Exploiting Hidden Vulnerabilities

Video Description

Dive into the world of Advanced Network Penetration Testing

About This Video

  • Get acquainted in performing detailed vulnerability assessments to find vulnerabilities
  • Explore the steps needed to exploit the vulnerabilities found
  • Dive into documenting every step with Proof of Concept(POCs)

In Detail

When learning about penetration testing, vulnerability assessments play an important role, followed by exploiting the vulnerabilities identified. Finally, everything needs to be documented properly to present to the client. This course focuses on all these elements of the VAPT activity.

Courses focused on teaching Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing sometimes miss out on essential elements such as documentation. Keeping this in mind, the course module has been developed to help you understand the process of VAPT step by step. So here you’ll learn how to perform vulnerability assessments using well-known softwares such as Nessus and OpenVas.

After finding the vulnerabilities, the next step for a pentester is to try to exploit those vulnerabilities to show the consequences, and nothing is better for this than Metasploit Framework. This being said you’ll also learn about many key features of Metasploit Framework and use it to exploit the vulnerabilities on the target device/machine.

Finally, you’ll understand why you need to document everything done during the activity. By the end of this course, you’ll have a good understanding of the approach to follow when doing VAPT for any client.