Access to Information Act, 41, 226–7
Act of Parliament, 72, 125
Act of Union (1800), 26–7
Acts of the Scottish Parliament, 75, 76, 113–14
Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS), 183, 192–3
Advisory NDPBs, 183
Advisory Panel on Crown Copyright See Advisory Panel on Public Sector Information (APPSI)
Advisory Panel on Public Sector Information (APPSI), 38–9
Affiliation of Local Government Information Specialists (ALGIS), 244
Agricultural Development and Advisory Service (ADAS), 18–19
Agriculture Act (1986), 18
air quality management area (AQMA), 234
Allhallows Staining Bill 2009/10, 66
Ancient Monuments Advisory Board for Wales, 185
Annual Abstract, 257
Appellate Jurisdiction Act (1876), 49 archiving, 272
Arrive Alive, ...

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