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Finding Your Purpose: A Guide to Personal FulfillmentRevised Edition

Book Description

Barbara J. Braham, MSW, MCC, is a business coach, speaker, facilitator, and author. She has delivered hundreds of seminars to organizations across the country since 1985. Her topics include "Manager as Coach," "Finding Your Purpose," and "Living a Legacy Moment to Moment."

Coverage includes—

  • To help you discover your life purpose

  • To describe barriers that can get in the way of defining your life purpose

  • To present tools for overcoming these barriers to help you live a more fulfilling life

Table of Contents

  1. Learning Objectives For: FINDING YOUR PURPOSE
  2. About the Author
  3. Preface
  4. Your Journey Starts Here
  5. What Is Purpose?
    1. Living “On Purpose”
      1. People Who Love What They Do
    2. What Other Authors Say About Purpose
    3. Making Distinctions
      1. Vision and Goals in Relation to Purpose
    4. Exploring the Role of Passion
      1. Tapping in to Your Feelings
    5. Distinguishing Purpose from Meaning
      1. Assigning Meaning to Life Events
      2. Accepting Life as It Comes
    6. Expressing Your Purpose in All Your Life Domains
      1. The Eight Domains of Life
      2. Learning by Example
    7. Seeking Purpose Through the Life Cycle
      1. The Midlife Transition
      2. Purpose and Legacy in the Later Years
    8. Unveiling Your Purpose
  6. Veil #1: Busyness
    1. Does Busyness Equal Success?
      1. Less Is More
    2. Taking Time for What You Enjoy
    3. Recognizing Your Talents
    4. Identifying Your Skills
      1. Skills by Category
      2. List Your Own Skills
    5. Merging Your Talents and Skills
      1. Skills That Use Your Talents
    6. Removing the Veil of Busyness
    7. Cultivating Silence
  7. Veil #2: What Will Other People Think?
    1. The Tyranny of the Shoulds
    2. Understanding the Three Layers of Shoulds
    3. Removing the Veil: Clarify Your Values
      1. Restating Shoulds to Reflect Your Values
    4. Replacing Shoulds with Values Statements
    5. Resolving Values Conflicts
      1. Sorting Out Your Own Values Conflicts
    6. Listening to Your Intuition
      1. Intuition and Outcomes
    7. Letting Go of Blocks to Intuition
      1. Distrust
      2. Fear
      3. External Listening
    8. Amplifying Your Intuition
      1. Preparation
      2. Incubation
      3. Aha!
      4. Verification
  8. Veil #3: I’m Not _____ Enough
    1. Rethinking Your Perceived Shortcomings
      1. Acknowledging When You Were “Enough”
    2. Avoiding the Comparison Trap
    3. Removing the Veil: Raising Your Self-Esteem
    4. Analyzing Your Self-Talk
      1. Putting Your Self-Talk on Paper
    5. Giving Yourself Daily Acknowledgments
      1. Keeping a Daily Acknowledgment Journal
    6. Keeping a Gratitude Journal
    7. Replacing Negative Self-Talk with Affirmations
      1. Rules for Effective Affirmations
    8. Discovering Your Uniqueness
      1. Reflecting on Your Skills, Talents, and Experiences
  9. Veil #4: Fear
    1. Understanding the Veil of Fear
      1. Categories of Fear
    2. Interpreting Fear as a Step Toward Growth
    3. Recognizing Your Sense of Fear
      1. Where Do You Feel the Fear?
      2. What Does Your Fear Look Like?
      3. What Does Your Fear Say?
      4. How Does Your Fear Taste?
      5. How Does Your Fear Smell?
    4. Befriending Your Fears
    5. Removing the Veil: Taking Risks
      1. Levels of Risk Takers
    6. Getting Started with Smaller Risks
    7. Taking Steps to Improve Your Risk Taking
  10. Veil #5: The Seduction of More
    1. Rethinking the Quest for “More”
      1. The Downside of Getting the Things You Desire
    2. Examining the “Have, Do, Be” Formula for Happiness
      1. Reversing the Cycle
    3. Removing the Veil: Shifting to Being
      1. The Influence of Inspiration
    4. Deepening Your Understanding of Being
    5. Reaching a Conclusion About Your Purpose
      1. State Your Purpose, Mission, and Vision
    6. Final Word
    7. Additional Reading
      1. Bibliodiv
    8. NOTES
    9. NOTES