Chapter 13

Ten Great Tips for Your Tablet

In This Chapter

arrow Customizing your Fire tablet’s settings

arrow Accessing apps from sources other than Amazon

arrow Exploring the Clock app

arrow Getting rid of an app

arrow Managing storage

In this book I cover most of the major apps and features of Fire tablets to help beginners get up to speed with their devices. However, little tips and tricks can improve your Fire experience.

In this chapter I provide ten-plus tips and tricks that allow you to fine-tune Fire settings, keep your data safer, find apps beyond the Amazon Appstore, explore the Clock app’s simple features, control data storage, and more. I encourage you to continue pushing the boundaries of what you can do with your Fire tablet.

Changing Your Fire Tablet’s Name

You created a name for your Fire tablet when you set it up. When you get tired of a name like Sally’s Fifth Tablet, or you want to give your tablet to your mother-in-law and feel that Sexy Kitty isn’t quite right, how do you change your tablet’s ...

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