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First Look 2007 Microsoft® Office System

Book Description

Get a head start with the newest release of the Microsoft Office system—with insights from an Office insider. Take a first look at the latest features, capabilities, and improvements to Microsoft Office—and hit the ground running.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Introduction
  4. Introducing the 2007 Microsoft Office System
    1. Time for Something New
      1. The Changing Way We Work
      2. The Changing Nature of the Microsoft Office System
      3. Meeting Today’s Work Challenges
      4. The 2007 Microsoft Office System—Tools for Today
      5. New 2007 Microsoft Office System Versions
      6. Upgrading to the 2007 Microsoft Office System
      7. Coming Next
    2. A New Look
      1. Learning the Landscape: The 2007 Microsoft Office System User Interface
      2. Using the New User Interface
      3. The New File Menu
      4. Quick Access Toolbar
      5. New View Controls
      6. Keyboard Support
      7. Coming Next
    3. Important Systems: Help and Security
      1. Finding Help in All the Right Places
      2. Safeguarding Your Files
      3. Finishing and Protecting Your Files
      4. Coming Next
  5. Preparing and Producing Professional Results
    1. Create Professional Documents with Office Word 2007
      1. New Views, New Tools
      2. Better Documents, Faster
      3. A Professional Look, Instantly
      4. Simplified Collaboration
      5. Mail Merge Improvements
      6. Coming Next
    2. Extend Your Insight with Office Excel 2007
      1. The Design of Office Excel 2007
      2. Page Layout: A New View for Better Printing
      3. More Room, More Speed, More Choices
      4. Create Better Spreadsheets, Faster
      5. Share Workbooks and Manage Information with Excel Services
      6. PivotTables Views—More Support, Better Insight
      7. Coming Next
    3. Produce Attention-Getting Presentations with Office PowerPoint 2007
      1. A Tour of the Office PowerPoint 2007 Window
      2. New Design Choices and Tools
      3. Improvements for Your Text
      4. Expanded Graphics Capabilities
      5. Creating Slide Libraries
      6. Improvements for Team Presentations
      7. Coming Next
    4. Produce Professional Business Materials with Office Publisher 2007
      1. What’s New in Office Publisher 2007?
      2. Working with Publisher Tasks
      3. Make Office Publisher 2007 Templates Your Own
      4. Create and Apply Reusable Content
      5. Finalize Your Publication with Design Checker
      6. Prepare Your Materials For Commercial Printing
      7. Create, Send, and Track Mailings
      8. Coming Next
    5. Gather, Find, and Share Information with Office OneNote 2007
      1. The New Look of Office OneNote 2007
      2. Working with Multiple Notebooks
      3. Collecting Your Notes and Information
      4. Using Drawing Tools and Tables
      5. Flagging Notes for Follow Up
      6. Finding Notes Quickly with Improved Search Capabilities
      7. Sharing Your Notes with Others
      8. Coming Next
    6. Tracking Information Quickly and Effectively with Office Access 2007
      1. Beginning with the Getting Started Window
      2. Choosing a Professional Template
      3. A Look at the New User Interface
      4. Making Design Changes Easily
      5. Entering, Viewing, and Expanding Your Data with Flexible New Features
      6. Using the New Report View
      7. Improved Security Features
      8. Collecting Data via E-mail
      9. Sharing Data Easily Using Windows SharePoint Services Lists
      10. Coming Next
  6. Communicating and Collaborating: People and Processes
    1. Manage Your Time, Tasks, and E-Mail with Office Outlook 2007
      1. A Look at Office Outlook 2007
      2. Manage Time and Organize Tasks
      3. Share and Compare Calendars
      4. Take Control of Your Inbox
    2. Enhance Team Effectiveness with Office Groove 2007
      1. Using the Launchbar
      2. Easily Creating a Workspace
      3. Understanding the Workspace Window
      4. Powerful Collaborative Tools
      5. Using Office Groove 2007 with Office SharePoint Document Libraries
      6. A Sample Office Groove 2007 Work Session
  7. A Quick Look at Additional Changes
    1. Microsoft Office Visio 2007
    2. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
    3. Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007
    4. Microsoft Office System for Microsoft Windows Vista
    5. Microsoft Office Live
  8. About the Author
  9. Index