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Five Loaves, Two Fishes and Six Chicken Nuggets

Book Description

Everybody likes to take pot shots at the world of Big Food - particularly Big Fast Food. It's making everybody fat. It's making our children diabetic. It's an agent for sinister globalism. It exploits labour. It always seems to be Public Enemy # 1. There is, however, another world of Fast Food. A world that is not just about five big brands and America. A world that employs, feeds and creates wealth for billions of people every day. A world that is ever-present throughout the planet, and which has been so since pre-neolithic times. A world that can be funny, which sometimes does daft things, but which usually gets it right in the long run. Welcome to that world. Barry Gibbons has spent much of his adult life in it, courtesy of a series of career steps he likens to a demented game of hopscotch. At one stage he found himself responsible for every Burger King on the Planet. Amongst other activities, he now writes about it - in all its forms, skimming the rooftops of its history and rafting across geography. He puts it in the context of the broader issues facing all businesses. Discover: how the British Raj invented modern franchising in India; what happened to the frying pan; how long it takes a customer to make his or her mind up about a restaurant upon entry; the secret recipe for Bang-Bang Chicken; why you should never dance in the nude with a blue light on; how and why the author invented punk rock; and why the principle of Intelligent Design should apply to a club sandwich, and not the origin of species. Afterwards, you may have put a pound or two on, but you will never look at Big Food in the same way again.

Table of Contents

  1. Five loaves, two fishes and six chicken nuggets
  2. Introduction
  3. 1. In the beginning
  4. 2. It’s only rock ’n’ roll
  5. 3. Time for reinvention
  6. 4. Only the good die young
  7. 5. In defence
  8. 6. Crumbug: a call for action
  9. 7. You can’t fly solo
  10. 8. Even the big cheese must budget
  11. 9. The giants’ changing faces
  12. 10. No wonder we are living longer
  13. 11. Taking to the streets
  14. 12. ‘I say, would you mind … ?’
  15. 13. First, finish your chicken
  16. 14. What a load of haggis
  17. 15. Prophecies, prophecies
  18. 16. Danger! Genius at work
  19. 17. The week that was
  20. 18. Go on, surprise me: make my day
  21. 19. The defence speaks
  22. 20. And now for something completely different
  23. 21. Mediocre, sad and cheating: the ascent of man
  24. 22. When I’m sixty-four
  25. 23. Trattorias, osterias and big quick-serves
  26. 24. What I know; what I don’t know
  27. 25. Listen ’til I tell you
  28. 26. Smile, darn ya, smile
  29. 27. A woman’s touch
  30. 28. Marrakech express
  31. 29. I’m all ears
  32. 30. Me? Pose in the nude?
  33. 31. Fences of sausage
  34. 32. My hit list
  35. 33. McD’s and the perfect storm
  36. 34. The enemy is inside the gates
  37. 35. First impressions
  38. 36. Love thine enemy
  39. 37. Road of least exposure
  40. 38. Everything changes
  41. 39. Feeding people? What’s the problem?
  42. 40. Next time you post a letter …
  43. 41. The rising sun
  44. 42. O sole mio
  45. 43. The long run
  46. 44. I’ll take the high road
  47. 45. Oh, won’t you stay?
  48. 46. London calling
  49. 47. This just in …
  50. 48. Nouvelle QSR
  51. 49. Big easy lovin’
  52. 50. Island in the sun
  53. 51. At your service
  54. 52. Oops! Sorry …
  55. 53. Ever since I could talk …
  56. 54. India on 10,000 calories a day
  57. 55. I’m thinking …
  58. 56. You never can tell
  59. 57. Lament for the frying pan
  60. 58. Unaccustomed as I am …
  61. 59. REM and customer service
  62. More from Infinite Ideas
  63. Copyright notice