Five Star Service, One Star Budget: How to create magic moments for your customers that get you noticed, remembered and referred

Book description

Everybody loves Five Star Service. It's the surest way to a more successful career for you and greater success for your organization. What's more, it's not half as difficult or time consuming to achieve as you might think!

Neither does it have to cost a fortune. There's a common misconception that Five Star Service carries a hefty price tag - this is simply not true! Many of the essential components of Five Star Service cost little or nothing to achieve.

In this simple but hugely powerful little book, bestselling author Michael Heppell shows you exactly how to deliver Five Star Service, as an individual and as an organization, and at very low cost.

This book is for if you'd like to:

  • make your customers (and your colleagues) happier, more often

  • deliver remarkable results that will fast track your career

  • win more customers without spending a fortune

  • get repeat orders and referrals from everyone you encounter

Are you ready to shine?

Table of contents

  1. Five Star Service, One Star Budget
    1. Books that make you better
    2. Acknowledgements
    3. Introduction
        1. Why bother with five star service?
        2. The easy way to five star results
        3. How to get the most from this book
        4. Isn’t five star service something that only works for a whole team?
        5. What would people say about you?
    4. The Service Star™
        1. Wow factor
        2. Complaints
        3. Written testimonial
        4. Recurring problems
        5. Repeat sales or referrals
        6. Delays
        7. Service training
        8. System failure
        9. Service PR
        10. Attrition
        11. Finally
    5. Wee Wows
    6. The top three referability habits
    7. The emotional bank account
    8. Putting on the Ritz
        1. How could they do better?
    9. 99 per cent of people are good ...
    10. Designing fantastic service
    11. Beware the silent customer
    12. RADAR thinking™
    13. RADAR thinking at work
    14. Send cards
        1. Other ideas around the card theme
          1. Flip chart thanks
          2. Blog thanks
          3. Send a letter
          4. Photo thanks
    15. The customer is always right – not!
    16. Feel, felt, found
    17. What’s in a smile?
    18. One chance to make a first impression
    19. I honestly don’t care about your problems . . .
    20. Empowering service
    21. Creativity gives better service
        1. Some brilliant examples
    22. It’s not what you say
    23. It’s your best friend – the awkward customer
    24. Building a customer service brand
    25. Be individual, encourage individuals
    26. Prepare for and relish competition
    27. The difference between one, some, many and all
        1. So how do you write a set of service values you can live by?
    28. Super scripts
        1. The pros and cons of scripts
    29. Voicemail, answering machines and automated call queue systems
    30. Telephone service
    31. Advanced telephone service
        1. Voice mirroring
        2. Primary styles
    32. Tiny steps to giant strides
    33. What’s in a name?
    34. Hills and valleys
    35. Good ideas vs desirable ideas
    36. Ring the bell
    37. Spanners and Heroes
    38. Know your competition
        1. Four big points
    39. Speed it up!
    40. And finally . . .
    41. Enjoyed Five Star Service, One Star Budget?
    42. See Michael Heppell Live
    43. Contact Michael Heppell

Product information

  • Title: Five Star Service, One Star Budget: How to create magic moments for your customers that get you noticed, remembered and referred
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: January 2009
  • Publisher(s): FT Press
  • ISBN: None