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Five Steps to Building a Brand

Book Description

This is the ultimate introduction to branding your business - a free eBook to help you define, present and maintain your business brand, produced in partnership between Enterprise Nation and iStock. From tone of voice to brand guidelines we've got you covered. You'll find links to webinars and other helpful and free online tools. Consider this your branding companion, guiding you in plain English with helpful hints and real life scenario's including Jim Cregan of Jimmy's Iced Coffee and Jane Field of Jonny's Sister. Discover how to work with a portfolio of images and read about the social media platforms that could make you money and drive traffic to your business. You'll find out about buying, licensing and how to use brand imagery effectively, with advice fromiStock, the original crowd-sourced imagery site that helps you create beautiful, visual work without breaking the budget. There are tips on communication from Jessie Warrener of SimplyBusiness.co.uk, expert advice from brand adviser Paul Bailey and top tips from Julie Cottineau of BrandTwist, Jessica Ann, CEO & Creative Director of Jessica Ann Media and more. As a small business in a world where consumers are savvy, connected and regularly exposed to newness you only have seconds to get your brand across. By following the steps in this eBook you''ll be able to define your brand, present it, and keep it consistent and refreshed.