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Five Swift Essentials

Video Description

In this webcast, we'll cover five important features of the Swift language, and talk about how you can use them to reduce the amount of code you need to write, to make your code easier to understand, and to extend the Swift language to meet your needs.Generics: Write code that doesn't need to know every detail about the data it's working withClosures: Writing code that can be run at a later timeTypes and protocols: Understanding how Swift's type system works, and how to make custom types that fit neatly into the languageCustom operators: Creating your own representations for different ways objects can interact with each other.Literal convertibles: Writing code that interacts nicely with built-in types.This talk is designed for existing programmers of any type, but does not necessarily require any Swift (or Objective-C) experience. At the end, attendees will understand these five essential components of the Swift, and how to use them to improve their code and be more "Swifty".

Table of Contents

  1. Five Swift Essentials 1:03:17