While reading Part I of this book, you’ve probably experienced a few lightbulb moments. Do you have a new insight now into the dynamics, personalities, behaviours and drivers that are messing with the functioning of your team? Having reviewed the 12 common team problems, some will have jumped out at you — the familiarity of some of the scenarios we’ve just reviewed might even be shocking.

To recap, the most common problems that cause havoc to a team’s functioning, morale and productivity are:

Gossip culture

Unprofessional conduct

Toxic personalities

Personal crises

Workplace romances

Family ties

Lack of diversity and inclusion

Unresolved historical issues

The manager’s style

Unhealthy competition

No clarity or accountability



At this point in Fix Your Team, you will likely have identified more than one challenge that needs to be addressed, and none of them will be simple. Separate problems or overlapping issues may be evident. This means that you may be feeling overwhelmed, having identified so many problems that you don’t know where to start.

Do not fear! In Part II, first we will ask you some practical questions that get to the heart of the complex and thorny issues that are hindering the cohesion, values and functionality of your team. We will then set out the Fix Your Team Toolkit: the six Fixes that dysfunctional teams need, and the Tools you can apply to achieve them. They are as follows:

The Fix: Address unhealthy conflict

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