Managers, advisors and team members share a fundamental belief into what they value most about the workplace. It is how we interact with people, and how the people around us interact, that brings the most joy, inspiration, satisfaction … and the most aggravation!

In reading this book, you are acknowledging that your team is not working as it should. Take a deep breath. You know if you do nothing, the same old dysfunctions will continue to damage the productivity and happiness of your working days, and the dysfunctions may get worse. Take a deep breath and feel a sense of inner strength. Know you can do this, applying all you’ve learned in this book and all you’ve understood from your own experiences in the team, as well as the data and other opinions that you have gathered.

Reflect on the path that lies ahead. You have analysed the likely causes and thought about the elements in the Fix Your Team Toolkit that are most relevant and likely to work. Now you need to put together a plan, and garner the internal endorsement, support or approval of resourcing that you need to implement it.

None of this is easy. It takes courage and fortitude to fix problems, and grit to hang in there while the Tool is implemented, so you’ll need to look after yourself. There will be no net gain if, in the process of Fixing Your Team, you end up depleted, disappointed or defeated. Just as you’ve applied logic and effort to assessing the state of your team, you need to keep an ...

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