Chapter 8 What's Next?

“One of the fundamental questions of today's world is undoubtedly the question of equitable globalisation.”

—Janez Drnovsek, Prime Minister of Slovenia 1992–2002 and President of Slovenia 2002–2007

There are three pillars to 21st-century globalisation: the easy and society-changing movement of goods and services around the world, the shift of huge amounts of capital between nations and markets at the press of a button and the greatest migration of peoples the world has ever seen.

Quite how the developed world meets the challenges set by these enormous issues will define success – economic, political and societal – for hundreds of millions of people and indeed it may not be too alarmist to say that the way in which globalisation is handled will be the deliverer of peace or otherwise over the next hundred years.

A Trump Presidency: King Canute or Saviour?

Back in March 2016 I was lecturing on the West Coast of the United States. I devoted a lecture in the series to the American Presidential election; this was at a time when Donald Trump was not even sure of the Republican nomination and Hillary Clinton was being given a good run for her money by Bernie Sanders. After my lecture, many people approached me with their views; I always welcome this since it presents a wonderful opportunity to learn “on the ground” from “real people”. One gentleman told me he was going to vote for Trump. He was clearly not a “blue-collared redneck from the mid-West” so didn't ...

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