Chapter 2. Using Flash Builder 4


  • Getting and installing Flash Builder 4

  • Installing Flash Builder as an Eclipse plug-in

  • Getting to know Flash Builder features

  • Using views and perspectives

  • Using workspaces and projects

  • Creating a Flex project

  • Using the Help system

  • Searching for and refactoring code

  • Using Flash Builder 4 new features

  • Integrating Flash Builder 4 and Flash Professional CS5

Flash Builder 4 is Adobe's preferred development tool for building applications with the Flex 4 SDK. Flash Builder is available for both Windows and Mac OS X.

Although you can develop and deploy Flex applications to the Web or the desktop with the free Flex SDK, Flash Builder is a worthwhile investment that can increase developer productivity, reduce bugs, speed up coding, and generally make the process of developing a Flex application much more enjoyable.


As I described in Chapter 1, Flash Builder was named Flex Builder in releases prior to version 4. It's been renamed by Adobe to position it as the preferred programmer's editor for all Flash Player programming, whether by Flash or Flex developers.

Getting Flash Builder

You can get Flash Builder from Adobe as a free limited-time trial, or you can purchase a license. Two licenses currently are available for Flash Builder 4:

  • Flash Builder 4 Standard Edition. This license includes everything you need to build basic Flex applications for the desktop and the Web, but it does not include a license for the Flex Data Visualization components or certain ...

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