Chapter 21. Import Additional Artwork from Illustrator and Photoshop


  • Importing assets from Illustrator

  • Importing assets from Photoshop

  • Copy and paste assets from Illustrator

  • Use round-trip editing with Illustrator

Often, you will be unable to import your entire project as a single design comp from Illustrator. In the case of the Magazines Direct application, the original design comp was too complex to be imported into Catalyst and had to be broken into smaller individual files that could be imported.

You may also on occasion have additional assets that will, for a variety of reasons, be created in separate Illustrator files or at later times. In the Magazines Direct example, the design requirements were changed after the initial design, so that the featured magazines are now displayed in a scrollable data list.

Changing the magazines to be displayed in a linear list was done easily enough in Catalyst, but the project now requires a scroll bar, which will need to be imported separately.


Refer to chapters 19 and 20 to start the Magazines Direct application from the beginning.

Not all design work needs to be done in Illustrator. Illustrator is a fantastic tool for creating and manipulating vector artwork, but raster artwork is better handled by Photoshop.

Therefore, you may have assets such as photographs in Photoshop that need to be imported into your design. While these could have been imported into Illustrator in the initial design phase, they can also be brought directly ...

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