Placing tiles on stage

It's time to make the player see something, so prepare yourself to design some cute tiles.

The idea: The simplest way to place tiles on stage is to create a movie clip with a frame for each tile state, then add it on the stage.

The development: In minesweeper.fla, create a new Movie Clip symbol called tile_movieclip and set it as exportable for ActionScript making sure the export name is also tile_movieclip. Leave all other settings at their default values, just like you did during the making of Concentration game.

Now you need to draw four types of tiles, one for each frame.

  • frame 1: the covered tile
  • frame 2: the clicked tile with the digit
  • frame 3: the tile you don't want to see: the mine.
  • frame 4: the flagged tile

I know ...

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