Placing your first tetromino

Tetrominoes always fall from the top-center of the level field, so this will be its starting position.

The idea: We need a DisplayObject to render the tetromino itself, and some variables to store which tetromino we have on stage, as well as its rotation and horizontal and vertical position.

The development: Add some new class level variables:

private const TS:uint=24;
private var fieldArray:Array;
private var fieldSprite:Sprite;
private var tetrominoes:Array = new Array();
private var colors:Array=new Array();
private var tetromino:Sprite;
private var currentTetromino:uint;
private var currentRotation:uint;
private var tRow:uint;
private var tCol:uint;

tetromino is the DisplayObject representing the tetromino itself. ...

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