Checking for game over

Finally it's time to tell the player the game is over.

The idea: If the tetromino that just appeared on the top of the game field collides with tetrominoes pieces, the game is over.

The development: First we need a new class level variable:

private const TS:uint=24;
private var fieldArray:Array;
private var fieldSprite:Sprite;
private var tetrominoes:Array = new Array();
private var colors:Array=new Array();
private var tetromino:Sprite;
private var currentTetromino:uint;
private var currentRotation:uint;
private var tRow:int;
private var tCol:int;
private var timeCount:Timer=new Timer(500);
private var gameOver:Boolean=false;

gameOver variable will tell us if the game is over (true) or not (false). At the beginning obviously, ...

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