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Flee 9 to 5: Get 6 - 7 Figures and Do What You Love

Book Description

How to quit the rat race, do what you love, and make money doing it

Ben Angel, also known as the "Agent of Influence," is Australia's top personal branding and influence specialist. Entrepreneurs, companies, speakers, and famous authors look to him when they want to learn how to engage their target audiences and the media or build a highly influential personal brand. In this new book, Angel offers practical, actionable advice on how to ditch the nine-to-five life and do something that both inspires and enriches you. With step-by-step strategies on how to design, fine tune, and market your business idea, this book shows you how to discover what you want to do, crack the code of the new social media landscape, find the tipping point that makes your business go viral, and make money authentically, by doing what you love.

With lifelong job security a thing of the past, the most successful people are those capable of reinventing themselves and what they do. This book shows readers how to do that by monetising their particular area of expertise to change the world—and get rich in the process.

  • Shows you how to flee 9-5 and turn your expertise and knowledge into a 6-7 figure business in under 6 months

  • Find out ways to crack the code of the new world economy and shape the world we live in

  • Reveals how any business owner, individual, or entrepreneur can outsource their work and do what they love from anywhere in the world

  • If you want to start your own business, forget the nine-to-five life and start doing something that you love. With this book in hand, you'll learn to use social media and modern marketing techniques to build a brand, create revenue streams, and earn a six- to seven-figure income.

    Table of Contents

    1. Cover
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright
    4. About the Author
    5. Acknowledgements
    6. Introduction
    7. Chapter 1: It all Starts Here
      1. Into the vortex
      2. Turning your knowledge and expertise into profits: why my story is critical to your success
      3. Ideas, development, production, distribution and growth: the winning sequence
      4. Business, career, love and life: what people are really paying for
    8. Chapter 2: Vision
      1. Million-dollar personal brands — how their vision makes them wealthy
      2. Giants levelling the playing field: why now's a perfect time to get started
      3. The six fundamental principles of lifestyle design
      4. The Lifestyle Design Blueprint
      5. Extracting the essence and bottling the passion: the key to your happiness
      6. What kind of agent are you?
      7. Finding velocity: three archetypes for becoming a successful agent of influence
      8. Mid-air jitters
    9. Chapter 3: Monetisation
      1. Hacking the agent's bank account
      2. Ascend your way to profits
      3. The ascension marketing model (AMM)
      4. It's not rocket science, but it does follow a formula: the AMM template
      5. Payday prediction and creation costs
      6. The method behind my metrics:the #1 secret to unlocking six to seven figures in sales
      7. No list, no worries: how to get started without a database to market to
      8. Reverse engineering
      9. The 3X Customer Formula
      10. Sleep for sale — how to buy it by the bucketload
    10. Chapter 4: Research
      1. Content is king
      2. Finding the algorithms that deliver: the crucial step almost everyone ignores
      3. Going niche, then going broad
      4. Plan, package, produce: winning the trifecta
      5. Planning your way to profits: the vital first step
      6. Packaging: making the ‘intangible' tangible
      7. Producing: first create your production schedule
    11. Chapter 5: Market It
      1. Phase 1: Test your product — the 7-Day Quick Fire Test
      2. Phase 2: Launching your product to the wider marketplace: the enlightened launch
      3. Phase 3: Put your profits on autopilot: the evergreen anatomy
    12. Chapter 6: Automation
      1. Automated economics: the art of going off the grid
      2. The six steps to automated economics
      3. Draw up your Flee 9 to 5 timeline
    13. Chapter 7: Get Social
      1. SSA — Status Seekers Anonymous
      2. The reality-show effect: why revealing ‘behind the scenes' will put money in your pocket
      3. The hub technique: make social pay
      4. The butterfly effect: distribute, share, shape
      5. Become an online giant through content marketing
      6. Product extracts: one product, a thousand ways
      7. The biggest social media marketing mistake ever
      8. The 7-day social media posting cycle: how to create a social media schedule
      9. Lead the tribe or get lost in the news feed
      10. Going viral with the social media engagement ruler (ER)
      11. The strategy: move fast, move often and move minds
      12. Set, but don't forget
    14. Chapter 8: Publicity
      1. In walked the media
      2. Unleash the agent globally: why you need publicity — and fast
      3. Six reasons why the mainstream media is critical to your success
      4. Brand revolution: crafting the celebrity brand that pays
      5. The three pillars of PR success: the breakdown
      6. I was flat-out rejected!
    15. Chapter 9: The Critics
      1. The enemy without: what no one ever talks about, but should!
      2. Annah makes headlines — for all the wrong reasons
      3. ‘Public' enemy number one: how to deal with criticism
      4. ‘Private' enemy number one: are you thin-skinned?
      5. Overcoming rejection
    16. Chapter 10: Plan It
      1. Strike out on your own — it's time …
      2. From theory to reality: will you pass the test?
      3. Execute it, frame it, empower it: turning a crisis into an opportunity
      4. The 3D Marketing System: the agent's master plan
      5. The 20X Formula: if execution is king, distribution is force
      6. Inside or outside of the plane?
      7. Disrupt the norm — and never work another day in your life
      8. It finally pays off …
    17. Appendix
      1. Complying with the law!
      2. Consumer protection laws
      3. Privacy laws
      4. Anti-spamming laws
      5. Reference links
    18. Index
    19. Learn More with Practical Advice from our Experts