Chapter 12. Ten Super Shooting Tips

Your Flip is probably the easiest-to-use video camcorder in the world. Because your Flip doesn't take itself too seriously, neither should you. Point and shoot to your heart's content, and let your Flip worry about adjusting the light and focus. Because you can't adjust any of those settings the way you can with more "serious" video cameras, you're free to concentrate on your subject at hand.

In This Chapter

Just remember to keep your hand as steady as possible when you shoot because your Flip lacks any kind of image stabilization feature like many other camcorders have. Helpful info like this is just one of the tips you'll find in this chapter that aims to help you make the most of your Flip video shooting sessions.

Shoot Happens

Size matters. In the case of your Flip, small is good. Tucking your Flip into your pocket or backpack means that you're always armed and ready to capture video whenever you want, wherever you want. You never know when a great shooting opportunity will present itself. Unique encounters with interesting characters. Celebrity sightings. A less-than-virtuous act in progress that you show to authorities to help bring a suspected perpetrator to justice. Animal ...

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