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Focus On Adobe Photoshop

Book Description

Are you into photography not photomanipulation?
Frustrated that you are spending too much time in front of the screen and not enough behind the lens?
Bewildered by the multitude of advanced editing options available to you in Adobe Photoshop?

If any of the above is true then, whatever your Photoshop/photography level, you will benefit hugely from this terrific little book.

Unlike most of the photoshop guides available today, this no-nonsense, inspiring guide is aimed solely at photographers: those whose aim is to use the software to bring out the natural best in their photographs, rather than those who want to change them completely. Breath-taking photographer Corey Hilz wastes no time on the plethora of feature in Photoshop which, though impressive, are of no use to the 'natural' photographer. Corey instead takes you through a highly effective, professional workflow for bringing out the best in your photographs in Photoshop, from post-capture through to output, without spending hours in front of the screen. Ignoring high-end photomanipulation, he instead focusses on the vital aspects for photographers such as: correcting exposure, tone adjustments (including correct use of the tone curve), sharpening, monochrome conversion and lens correction. Additionally, Corey covers the workflow on either side: effective importing and tagging, and perfect output with minimal effort.

Everything about this beautiful little book is aimed at a visual audience. Pakced with stunning photographs to illustrate every tweak the author makes, this highly affordable and succinct reference guide focusses on the specific needs of the photographer and nothing else. There are hundreds of excellent comprehensive reference guides to photoshop out there, this is not one of those. It is, instead, a book that won't waste a second of your valuable shooting time. Buy into the Behind the Lens series and get right back where you belong and deserve to be: behind a lens.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Chapter 1: Bridge: Importing, Organizing, and Initial Editing
    1. Bridge layout
    2. Workspaces
    3. Setting up a Favorites folder
    4. Creating the metadata template
    5. Downloading photos
    6. Organizing
    7. Initial editing
    8. Deleting and rejecting photos
    9. Ratings and labels
    10. Rotating photos
    11. Checking focus
    12. Review mode
    13. Conclusion
  6. Chapter 2: Camera Raw: Standard Adjustments
    1. Opening multiple photos
    2. Checking focus
    3. Crop tool
    4. Proportional cropping
    5. Straighten tool
    6. Spot Removal tool
    7. Red-Eye Removal tool
    8. Basic panel
    9. Conclusion
  7. Chapter 3: Camera Raw: Advanced Adjustments
    1. Tone Curve
    2. HSL/Grayscale
    3. Adjustment Brush
    4. Graduated Filter
    5. Lens Corrections
    6. Conclusion
  8. Chapter 4: Metadata and Keywords
    1. Metadata groups
    2. Metadata Templates
    3. Skip the templates
    4. Keywords
    5. Searching
    6. Batch Rename
    7. Conclusion
  9. Chapter 5: Photoshop: Global Adjustments
    1. Toolbox
    2. Options Bar
    3. Layers panel
    4. Adjustment Layers
    5. Adjustments panel
    6. Common adjustments
    7. Converting to black and white
    8. Smart filters
    9. Shadows/Highlights
    10. Lens Correction
    11. Conclusion
  10. Chapter 6: Photoshop: Selective Adjustments and Retouching
    1. Brushes
    2. Brush shortcuts
    3. Brush hardness
    4. Opacity
    5. Flow
    6. Opacity + Flow
    7. Using layer masks with adjustment layers
    8. Working with Opacity and Flow
    9. Selections: Shortcuts to layer masks
    10. Selectively lightening and darkening
    11. Retouching
    12. File saving and file formats
  11. Chapter 7: Sharing Your Images: Exporting Photos, Slide Shows, Web Galleries, and PDFs
    1. Exporting
    2. Facebook and Flickr
    3. Save to Hard Drive
    4. Presets
    5. Slide shows
    6. Web galleries and PDFs
    7. Web gallery
    8. PDF
    9. Conclusion
  12. Chapter 8: Printing
  13. Conclusion
  14. Subject Index