Chapter 30. DAVE RAMSEY

Host of syndicated Dave Ramsey radio show

2009 Marconi Award winner

Creator of Financial Peace University

When I walked into Dave Ramsey's office building, it smelled like cookies.

The building itself could have been the headquarters of a certified public accountant (CPA) or law firm, as professional as it was, but to the immediate left there was a bookstore.

It displayed all of the books that Dave Ramsey has published, as well as his motivational DVDs, board games that teach you how to manage your money, and select titles from other authors on how to get your life together—especially your financial life. There was a flat screen TV on the wall running one of Dave's speeches in front of an audience, where he lays out the steps to go from financial ruin to financial responsibility.

"May I get you something?" the lady behind the counter asked. "I just made a batch of cookies. Do you like chocolate chip?" As I recall my visit, she looked like June Cleaver. But it could be that my mind simply took a step back in time because I wanted her to look like the Beav's mother. There's something about Dave Ramsey's story, about his modest beginnings in Antioch, Tennessee, and his straightforward approach to helping people get out of debt and take control of their lives that speaks of a simpler time.

"I think what you're doing," he told me when I was escorted into his personal office, "is encouraging, because I believe the little man really can get ahead."

That's it. Forget the ...

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