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Force Platform Fundamentals: An Introduction to Custom Application Development in the Cloud

Book Description

This book introduces you to Force.com, salesforce.com's platform for building and running business applications in the cloud To illustrate the technologies available on the Force Platform, and to show you just how easy it is to create your own business application with the platform, this book walks you through the process of creating a new recruiting application that runs in the cloud. To follow along you won't need to learn any programming languages or hack your way through cryptic configuration documents. Instead, you'll just need to point and click your way through the SalesforceWeb interface, following the easy step by step instructions in the book.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Preface
  3. Introducing the Force Platform
    1. The Basics of an App
    2. The Benefits of a Force Platform App
    3. The Technologies Behind a Force Platform App
  4. About the Sample Recruiting App
    1. About Universal Containers
    2. Considerations for the Recruiting App
    3. Building the App: Our Design
  5. Reviewing Database Concepts
    1. What’s a Database?
    2. What’s in a Database?
    3. What’s a Relational Database?
    4. Summary of Database Concepts
  6. Building a Simple App
    1. Becoming Familiar with the Setup Area
    2. Introducing Apps
    3. Introducing Objects
    4. Introducing Tabs
    5. Becoming Familiar with Setup Detail Pages and Related Lists
    6. Introducing Fields
    7. Look at What We’ve Done
  7. Enhancing the Simple App with Advanced Fields and Page Layouts
    1. Adding Advanced Fields
    2. Introducing Validation Rules
    3. Introducing Page Layouts
  8. Expanding the Simple App Using Relationships
    1. Introducing Relationships
    2. Introducing Relationship Custom Fields
    3. Adding Candidates to the Mix
    4. Bringing Candidates and Positions Together with Job Applications
    5. Introducing Search Layouts
    6. Managing Review Assessments
    7. Creating a Many-to-Many Relationship
    8. Putting it All Together
  9. Securing and Sharing Data
    1. Controlling Access to Data in Our App
    2. Data Access Concepts
    3. Controlling Access to Objects
    4. Controlling Access to Fields
    5. Controlling Access to Records
    6. Displaying Field Values and Page Layouts According to Profiles
    7. Putting It All Together
  10. Using Custom Workflow and Approval Processes
    1. Introducing Workflow
    2. Workflow in Our Recruiting App
    3. Creating Workflow Rules That Assign Tasks
    4. Creating a Workflow Rule That Updates Fields
    5. Creating a Workflow Rule That Sends Email Alerts
    6. Introducing Approvals
    7. Summing Up
  11. Analyzing Data with Reports and Dashboards
    1. Introducing Reports
    2. Introducing Dashboards
    3. Introducing Custom Report Types
    4. Look At What We’ve Done
  12. Moving Beyond Native Apps
    1. Introducing Web Services
    2. Introducing Visualforce
    3. Implementing a Composite Application Piece: The Candidate Map
  13. Learning More
    1. Developer Force
    2. Help and Training Options
    3. Podcasts
    4. AppExchange Partner Program
    5. What Do You Think?
  14. Glossary